2020 3rd DUI Opinion

I was facing a 3rd DUI charge after 25 years since my last and I was very nervous about the new laws and what to expect. Attorney Bowser was outstanding from my first consultation through the trial he was a constant supporter. Simply stated, Mr. Bowser is the BEST! with out reservation. He was able to take me though every step and provided a detailed approach to my options and what he could provide guidance to. The net result of my charge was NOT GUILTY.

His ability to understand my situation and his deep and thorough knowledge of the MA laws is second to none. He was able to defend me and hold off the 4-5 police officers who testified against me resulting in a MA judge to say NOT GUILTY.

Attorney Bowser was nothing short of outstanding throughout this awful experience. I was proud to have him on my side and would strongly suggest anyone with a DUI retain him ASAP. he is the best in the business and he knows both the law and how to defend when one is wrongfully accused. I would recommend anyone facing an OUI charge to speak and retain Mr. Bowser. A very smart decision.

25 years of Proven Results.

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