2001 DUI and Drunk Driving Cases, NH & MA

You might not have to plead out! Below is an extensive list of DUI cases and drunk driving cases in MA and NH that might have been plead out if they had been handled by some Attorneys. ButAttorney Bowser will work diligently on your behalf in NH or MA DUI cases and drunk driving cases, and question every single claim of the Prosecution, piece by piece. In the more challenging cases,Attorney Bowser knows how to aggressively take drunk driving cases and DUI cases to trial and win. Let Attorney Bowser protect your legal rights in MA and NH. Call 1-888-526-9737 during the hours of 9AM to 5PM or send Attorney Bowser details of your arrest in the form to the right.

Verdicts and settlements by year

NH DWI charge dismissed

December, 2001

Defense wins Motion To Suppress. Police stop client for failure to dim high beams on Route 93 at 4:00 AM when approaching police cruiser parked on shoulder of highway. Court finds stop for alleged violation illegal. Charge dismissed.

NH Possession of Controlled Substance Charge Dismissed

January, 2001

Client riding as passenger in pick up truck stopped by police for alleged “loud muffler” on Route 95 off ramp. Police Officer checks licenses and registration but doesn’t issue ticket, instead calls for back up, removes young men from truck and pats them down for weapons. After finding contraband on client, Trooper asks for consent to search vehicle and he finds two (2) ounces of marijuana. Defense wins Motion to Suppress. Court agrees that the prolonged detention at roadside and subsequent searches are illegal as beyond scope of any legitimate stop for issuing ticket.

Verdicts and settlements by year

Past successful case results are not a guarantee or promise of a similar result in your case. Each case is factually distinct with various applicable legal standards. Further, as a trial lawyer with the experience of hundreds of completed Jury and Bench DUI trials in Massachusetts and New Hampshire Attorney Bowser understands the risks associated with the adversarial trial process. Any lawyer who claims never to lose cases doesn’t really try cases, especially difficult cases. Anonymous factual/legal summaries are authorized in advance by clients.

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