DWI arrest in Portsmouth NH

I am a Massachusetts resident and was arrested for a DWI in the state of New Hampshire. As I started doing my research online to find myself a defense attorney for my DWI case, I came across Michael Bowser and made a arraignment for a free consultation. After the free consultation, I knew that Michael was the person that I was going to hire due to his extensive experience in the field of DWI defense and the presentation that he had, which gave me confidence that I had a very good chance of beating my case when it went to trial. On trial day, after the police officer who made the arrest was done with his testimony, Michael took the floor and he completely took over the courtroom room. Michael found a lot of inconsistencies in the the testimony of the police officer and the police report that the officer made on the day of the arrest. As the trial concluded, the judge came back with the verdict and it was “NOT GUILTY “. As you can imagine, I was extremely happy in the outcome and I highly recommend Mr. Bowser in your defense for justice on your DUI or DWI case. You can also go on YouTube and see alot of videos on Mike giving advice on DUI and DWI.

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