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December 17, 2019

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Mike was highly recommended to me by another lawyer who is a personal friend and I am so grateful for that. My first ever arrest was DUI in MA and I was totally devastated. I was concerned about losing my job and extremely worried about what penalties I may be facing. During my initial consultation with Mike, he detailed every step of the process for me, outlining every possible option at each stage. His expert knowledge of DUI related law, sobriety testing, arrest/booking processes, penalties and potential outcomes in court is truly remarkable. He is very caring and compassionate and genuinely wants to help you get the best possible outcome for your case. I knew immediately upon meeting him that I wanted him in my corner and am so thankful that I hired him. There were many court dates over a 10 month period before my case was finally heard by a judge. I watched in awe as Mike cross-examined the arresting officer with the utmost detail, clearly resulting in there being reasonable doubt. I cannot emphasize enough just how knowledgeable Mike is with DUI law. In addition, it was obvious to me during our court appearances that his mannerism and professionalism have resulted in him being held in high regard in the courtroom, not just with other defense attorneys, but also with prosecuting attorneys and judges. The judge came back with a “Not Guilty” verdict in my case. I will be eternally grateful to Mike for enabling me to put this stressful time of my life behind me. If you are in need of a DUI lawyer, look no further. Attorney Michael Bowser is definitely your guy….hands down. Thank you very much, Mike!

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