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Attorney Michael Bowser comes just as advertised. Success in criminal law defense requires a bit of boldness and reasonable confidence along with competence in the field, both of which are strong attributes displayed through-out the entire life-cycle of my case by Mr. Bowser.

I was facing my 3rd DUI along with a drug possession charge, and I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do. Obviously I needed help, and luckily I stumbled across this website and a positive referral for Mr. Bowser, which lead me to call and schedule a no obligation consultation.

During my consultation we went through the events that lead to my arrest, and Mr. Bowser paid close attention to every detail and took meticulous notes as to not miss anything. After I finished my depiction of the events the night of the arrest he laid out very clearly in understandable language what my options were and how he’d like to approach the case. In addition, Mr. Bowser made it very clear that no one would defend my case with as much passion and effectiveness as he would. He wasn’t kidding!

After hiring Mr. Bowser we attended numerous court hearings spread out across 3-5 months where motions were filed and other court preceedings took place. Along every step of the way I was never left in the dark about where we stood, and Bowser always assured me we were in a good place with the case. I should also mention that this entire time he was able to keep me from losing my license, which was a God send in itself.

Finally the day came where we would actually begin presenting the case to the judge. I was handed down a plea of 2 years probation and had to stay clean the entire time. I also had to attend an Intensive Outpatient Program and attend 4 AA/NA meetings a week. If I made it through the 2 years of probation without any issues then both cases would be dismissed.

Fast-forward 19 months without any slip-ups and Bowser filed a motion to terminate my probation early, which was allowed and both cases were dismissed on the spot. I couldn’t even believe it…I still can’t!

I highly recommend that you hire Mr. Bowser for your defense. I was facing jail time and a loss of license, but neither of these ever occurred, and in addition my record was wiped clean and both cases were dismissed as if they never happened. If you give Attorney Bowser the tools to work with then he will deliver!

If you are in trouble hire him now! Don’t wait, he is worth every penny of the cost for defense, and will fight for you more than any other defense attorney I’ve ever worked with in the past.


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