So Thankful … Michael is Unbelievable !!!!!

April 10, 2019

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Hello, i am so thankful that i found Michael! i still cant believe the out come of my case .. i got a oui when i was young in ma, then 20 yrs got pulled over in Nh for dui, i was so scared of the out come because it counts in Ma .. i have a family and commute to work.
Michael was unbelievable in court it seemed nothing got buy him and he new so much about the case and the laws that work in my favor, I was found not Guilty on driving under the influence. I learned my lesson
Thank You Michael Bowser for Representing me !! and his staff too Val was awesome and Mollie Belli did my ALS /DMV Hearing and she asked all the right questions !!
i never write reviews but this time i need too .. i will never forget this time of my life and now have a lawyer/s i can trust

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