The best money I ever spent

I had a DUI charge in NH and I’m a MA resident, which presents a whole world of challenges to begin with. Atty Bowser immediately got down to business and outlined what the facts were about the charges, the consequences each charge carried with it, and the process from beginning to end. He gave me choices in which action to take at each stage of the process. He is very experienced and an excellent trial lawyer specifically. Atty Bowser was attentive and understanding to my individual experience. We ended up going to trial in NH superior court. It was my first (and last) experience with the trial process. We did jury selection together and he knew exactly who he wanted and didn’t want on the jury and why. We ended up with a jury of almost all women. I am a woman as well. He noted the pros and cons of such, and knew how to speak to the individual jurors’ sympathies based on their demographics and employment, interests, etc. On the trial day, he was graceful and poignant in his presentation. He highlighted the facts that would discredit the police witness and the prosecution’s case. He found all the holes in their evidence and used it honestly and matter-of-factly. At one point he had to fight to get my booking video into evidence for the jury to see, as the prosecution did not want it to be seen. He won that by citing a case that the judge knew well and the video was admitted. He was pro-style in his execution of this. He argued my case with confidence and conviction. He knew exactly what the prosecutor was going to ask my witness and how she was going to approach the case. The questions she asked were almost verbatim what he said she would ask. He ran circles around the prosecutor. He likes to use helpful metaphors that jury members can relate to. In his closing argument he quoted Thomas Jefferson’s view of how important the job of the jury is, and how their decision is the only one that can make the difference for someone who is innocent. I received a “not guilty” and I truly feel that the judicial system worked as it should work. I was vindicated and it feels great. I would not hesitate to recommend Atty Bowser to anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer.

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