Board Certified Massachusetts and New Hampshire DUI Attorney

Licensed and located in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Michael Bowser is an experienced criminal defense trial attorney and DUI attorney with a proven record of success in hundreds of drunk driving trials throughout the State of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Having earned a reputation as a tenacious courtroom lawyer, Attorney Bowser works diligently and fights hard to defend and protect your legal rights if you are charged with drunk driving or any other criminal offense.

Massachusetts and New Hampshire Personal Injury Lawyer

In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, personal injury lawyer Michael Bowser is well-known for his courtroom expertise, often bringing cases successfully through trial when other lawyers would have settled out-of-court for a lesser reward. If you or someone you love has been the victim of personal injury in an auto accident, construction site accident, dog bite attack, or slip and fall incident, contact Massachusetts and New Hampshire personal injury lawyer Michael Bowser for a free consultation.

23 years of Proven Personal Injury Results.

(888) 526-9737

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