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Construction sites are dangerous places by nature. Every year, thousands of hard-working construction workers sustain injury in a construction site accident. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that the construction industry has one of the highest rates of work-related fatalities in the nation. When construction workers in New England are injured on the job, they trust Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine construction accident lawyer Michael Bowser to fight to recover the compensation due to them.

Attorney Bowser has intricate knowledge of MA, NH, and ME state building and safety codes and OSHA regulations. He also understands the complex nature of construction site hierarchies, navigating between construction site owners, contractors, and sub-contractors when it comes to contract, liability, and insurance indemnity and union shop division of labor rules. If you have been injured on a construction site in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, Michael Bowser is the right construction accident lawyer to represent your best interests.

Construction Accident Injuries

Construction accidents can happen in a moment, yet the injuries sustained in these accidents can last a lifetime. Common construction accident injuries may be caused by falls, gas explosions, toxic exposure, electrical accidents or a variety of other factors, and may include:

  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries/whiplash
  • Severe burns
  • Brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations

If you are injured on a construction site, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. In many cases, the full extent of construction site injuries is not immediately apparent, and failure to seek immediate medical help after a construction injury may reduce the value of a subsequent legal claim. To learn more about Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine
construction accident lawsuits, contact lawyer Michael Bowser for a free review of your claim.

Construction Accident Causes

Carelessness, improper supervision, and failure to follow and enforce safety protocols are all common causes of construction site accidents. Other common factors that lead to construction site accidents include:

  • Defective equipment
  • Construction debris
  • Poorly assembled scaffolding
  • Unsafe ladders
  • Holes in flooring

When a construction worker is injured on the job, that worker will likely need to miss a significant amount of work and may accumulate substantial medical debt. In some cases, an injured construction worker may require ongoing medical or therapeutic care, and some injured workers are never able to return to their chosen profession. While workers’ compensation settlements and personal insurance may help offset the costs associated with a major construction site injury, victims often experience financial hardship. By working with Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine construction accident lawyer Michael Bowser, injured construction workers can pursue just compensation for their damages, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Contact a Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine Construction Accident Lawyer

A construction accident can involve a construction site worker or a construction site bystander. If a construction worker is injured on the job, he or she will file a workers’ compensation claim. If the construction accident victim is a bystander, he or she may file a premises liability personal injury claim to pursue compensation for damages.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine construction accident lawyer Michael Bowser has represented countless construction workers who were injured at work. If you work construction and were injured on the job, Attorney Bowser can help you hold the public or private entities responsible for your injuries accountable and help you recover the compensation you deserve. Contact Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine construction accident lawyer Michael Bowser today.

Here are some case results from clients who we represented in their injury cases:

Slip and Fall On Construction Site $828,000.00


Union painter falls on construction site when he steps on copper pipe left on floor and covered with sawdust. Torn meniscus of left knee and total tear of right knee MCL/ACL. Medical bills exceed $83,000. Lost wage claim includes total permanent disability from occupation as painter.


Insurance company for general contractor responsible for job site safety denies liability, questions the plaintiff’s credibility and challenges the extent and nature of his injuries. Pre-trial offer of $300,000 reduced to $250,000 at trial. Plaintiff owes $220,000 to Worker’s Compensation Insurance Carrier.


Jury verdict following eight (8) day personal injury trial before the Suffolk Superior Court in Boston, MA. Verdict of $775,000. Pre-trial interest and comparative fault offset results in total judgment against responsible general contractor for $828,000.

Construction Site Safety $132,500.00


General Contractor and sub-contractor for construction project each deny premises liability and blame injured plaintiff for walking through unlighted garage area in where open pit is located. Plaintiff establishes that both parties were responsible for overall safety of worksite and regular exit of building was blocked by construction debris, thereby leaving unlighted garage as only available exit from building. Plaintiff’s expert establishes numerous construction site safety violations under both OSHA and State Building Code regulations.


Settled prior to trial at mediation for $132,500.00

Past successful case results are not a guarantee or promise of a similar result in your case. Each case is factually distinct with various applicable legal standards. Further, as a trial lawyer with the experience of hundreds of completed Jury and Bench DUI trials in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine Attorney Bowser understands the risks associated with the adversarial trial process. Any lawyer who claims never to lose cases doesn’t really try cases, especially difficult cases. Anonymous factual/legal summaries are authorized in advance by clients.

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