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Drug Possession, Sale, and/or Distribution Charges Defense

Michael Bowser: a MA, NH, and ME Criminal Lawyer with Over 15 Years of Experience

As a Drug Lawyer, Michael Bowser brings fifteen years of experience to the criminal defense of his clients charged with all manner of Drug Possession cases. Possession of illegal or prescription drugs is an offense that occurs with so much frequency that few people understand the ramifications of a conviction for what may initially seem like a minor offense.

In Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine the collateral or after-conviction effects of a conviction for drug possession, sale, or manufacture can adversely affect a client into the future in several of the following ways:

  • Denial of or revocation of a Driver’s license
  • Denial or loss of employment or security clearances
  • Expulsion from private or public secondary school and/or college
  • Expulsion or removal from student housing
  • Denial of Federally subsidized financial aid
  • Denial of or eviction from public housing
  • Denial of naturalization rights or imposition of deportation proceedings against non-citizens
  • Revocation or suspension of professional licensure

Offering Zealous Client Protection in Criminal Law Cases in MA, NH, and ME

Client Protection in this field of criminal defense law includes not only zealous advocacy before the Courts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine but also referral of clients to appropriate drug treatment services to address addiction behavior and disease.

As a qualified criminal defense lawyer handling drug possession cases in MA, NH, and ME, Attorney Bowser is well versed in the statutory and constitutional laws and controlling court decisions regarding Search and Seizure. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Part 1 Article 19 of the New Hampshire Constitution, and Article 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, provide for the protection of individual privacy rights against the power of law enforcement and government agencies to investigate and prosecute drug possession offenses. Criminal lawyer Michael Bowser wields these legal protections not only as a shield, but as a sword against illegal government tactics.

MA Criminal Lawyer Michael Bowser Has a Solid Drug Case Reputation

Attorney Bowser has defended hundreds of drug cases for clients before both the State and Federal Courts in MA, NH, and ME, and will never concede the lawfulness of a government intrusion, arrest, search, and/or seizure where legal protection exists under state or federal law. He regularly, through his courtroom advocacy, convinces Courts to rule searches, seizures, and arrests illegal, and evidence inadmissible or illegally obtained in drug cases.

Every fact and circumstance is reviewed to challenge the legality of motor vehicle stops and searches; roadblocks; searches of homes, dorm rooms, apartments, and hotel rooms; searches of persons, their belongings, or baggage; and any alleged consent to search granted to the police by a client. When such evidence is ruled admissible against a client at trial, drug lawyer Michael Bowser is prepared to challenge the government’s case that any client knowingly possessed, manufactured, or sold an illegal or prescription drug. Client Protection means challenging the government and prosecution in every available legal manner. It also means Attorney Bowser will prepare a client to appear before the Court for a successful resolution of the drug possession charge to both avoid and minimize collateral consequences.

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