Michael Waddington, Military Law Attorney

I endorse Michael. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

Lakota Denton, Personal Injury Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.

M. Miller, Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.

Herbert Ellis, Car Accident Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.

Eric Schutzbank, Family Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. One of the top notch OUI attorneys in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Ismail Mohammed, Criminal Defense Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. I have seen Attorney Bowser in action and can honestly say he is a top flight attorney. He cares about his clients as seen by the numerous cases he has taken to a jury trial and receiving not guilty's. It is with great pleasure that I endorse Attorney Bowser.

Charles Keefe, Criminal Defense Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. I have been a colleague of Michael Bowser for many years, and I know from handling cases against him as a prosecutor and watching him as a fellow criminal defense attorney that he is a highly skilled and effective criminal defense attorney. I have watched him go to trial in what appeared to be a very difficult case and obtain an acquittal (not guilty verdict) on behalf of his client. His knowledge of criminal law, especially DWI/DUI law, as well as his practice in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, makes him uniquely able to handle case that involve both states. He is an incredibly experienced and successful trial attorney, and I would feel more than comfortable referring any client to Attorney Bowser.

Michael Najjar, Personal Injury Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. I have had the privilege of watching Mike Bowser both in educational lectures and at trial. He is excellent. The feedback I have received from people I have referred to him has consistently come back as extremely satisfied. His reputation generally is top notch, and deservedly so.

Donald Blaszka, DUI and DWI Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. I have known Mike for many years and found that he is one of the most resourceful and hardest working attorneys in the area of criminal defense. When I was a prosecutor, I always spent extra time on the cases that I had against Mike because I knew that his knowledge of the law, preparation and tireless effort would be amongst the best. I believe that Mike is one of the best DWI attorneys in Massachusetts and would recommend him without hesitation.

Christian Lassen, Life Insurance Attorney

Great lawyer.

Timothy Harrington, Criminal Defense Attorney

I have known Mike for many years, both in and out of the court room. He is a top notch trial lawyer. Mike is one of the most knowlegeable DWI attorneys around. He is an aggressive, hard working and dedicated advocate for his clients. This shows through in the great work and great results he gets for his clients.

Michael DelSignore, DUI and DWI Attorney

Mike is an outstanding DUI lawyer who I have seen in court and can say that he is extremely effective in front of juries and is well respected by judges throughout Massachusetts. Mike became Board Certified in DUI defense which is an extremely difficult honor to achieve. I would highly recommend him for anyone charged with DUI.

Peter Gerstenzang, DUI and DWI Attorney

I endorse this lawyer's work. I referred a very difficult DUI case to Mike which involved a man accused of driving into a building while intoxicated. Mike tried the case before a jury and obtained an acquittal despite these very bad facts. The client called me to thank me for giving him Mike's name. He said that Mike's cross examination was "smoking" and that Mike clearly knew much more than the officer about police procedure and the tests that were given to the client by the officer.

John Tenn, DUI and DWI Attorney

Mike Bowser is a skilled DWI defense attorney with an exhaustive knowledge of the law and science of DWI. He works tirelessly to find new and creative ways to win his client’s cases. I strongly recommend Mike to anyone in Massachusetts facing a DWI charge.

Justin McShane, DUI and DWI Attorney

Dedicated. Knowledgeable. Professional. Aggressive. Gutsy. All of these adjectives positively reflect Attorney Bowser. He has earned a true national reputation in defending the citizen among us who has been accused of a crime. I trust him. You will too. He is a true trial attorney.

Harley Wagner, DUI and DWI Attorney

Being a 10+ year, sustaining, lifetime member of the National College for DUI Defense, having attended over two dozen national DUI/DWI training seminars, I have been privileged to get to know many of our nation's finest DUI/DWI attorneys. Michael Bowser is without question amongst this group. I would not hesitate to refer a loved one of mine to him. In short, I proudly endorse Michael Stephen Bowser, Jr.! The fact he is also a friend and fellow colleague is but a bonus.

Leonard Harden, DUI and DWI Attorney

Mike is a hard working and creative defender. I have attended some of the most advanced trainings with him and know he has the ability to win the tough cases.

J. Sweeney, Real Estate Attorney

I endorse this lawyer's work. I have sent numerous clients to Attorney Bowser over the years...all who have been very satisfied with the manner in which their cases were handled. Mike is my first choice when referring out a DWI or personal injury matter. He is professional and courteous and has been a pleasure to work with.

What is the Bowser Law Difference?

Mike Bowser has unique experience and knowledge which he uses to protect his clients.

  • Mike Bowser is the only Board Certified DUI Defense Specialist who practices in MA, NH & ME. This means he had to pass rigorous examinations and interviews about his knowledge of DUI law to become certified.
  • Because he practices in all three states, Mike Bowser knows how to handle the complications that arise when you are charged as an out of state driver.
  • Clients who have hired Mike Bowser LOVE him! Take one look at his reviews and you will see why Mike Bowser is The Most Reviewed 5 Star DUI Defense Lawyer Practicing in MA, NH & ME!
  • He uses his deep understanding of forensic science to pick apart the evidence against you and looks for errors that he can challenge. He then carefully prepares your case with the goal of highlighting these issues and putting you in the best possible position.
  • He is a ruthless cross-examiner who is at home in the courtroom. Judges, prosecutors, and police officers often praise his professionalism and knowledge.

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