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Personal Injury Case After being in an automobile accident, I knew I needed to seek assistance. I was concerned as to the extent of my injuries and how I was going to be down the road. The accident wasn’t my fault and I needed to know what my options are. It was worth the consult with Michael Bowser, as he would take on my case. Working with his staff has been professional and they are highly compassionate. In the end I am pleased with how my case was settled.

Posted by Anonymous
August, 2016

Personal Injury Settlement - I highly recommend Bowser Law! "Mike was recommended to me by a lawyer friend after the last of a series of auto accidents. This particular accident was a head-on collision to which I had no fault. My young daughter was with me and we both sustained soft tissue damage; mine more serious than hers, but both requiring physical therapy and multiple doctor visits, not to mention all the paperwork and administration that goes with it. This is where Mike and his team shined, assisting at every level, answering multiple questions, and taking pressure off of me to heal and manage it all.

In the end, Mike and team negotiated a very good settlement, saving me and my family months of back and forth with providers and insurance companies. Mike and team understand all aspects of such cases and will do everything in their power to get a reasonable settlement in a timely manner. Trust Bowser law, if needed; I am glad I did."

Posted by David
July, 2016

Personal injury, personal service Working with Mr. Bowser and his entire team was simple and enjoyable. Mollie Belli went above and beyond to make sure I was not only taken care of from a legal standpoint but also would call just to make sure I was healing well from my injuries. Mr. Bowser and his team worked hard for me and made the entire process simple and hassle free. Friendly and professional service. I highly recommend!

Posted by Matt
July, 2016

Successful Case "Attorney Bowser proved himself to be very responsive, diligent, and fair during the recent settlement of my personal injury case. Attorney Boswer led me through the process beginning when I was injured, through treatment and to a very fair resolution. His courtroom experience working with hundreds of DUI trials was evident during this process as he was able to understand and support my case especially well. I was extremely satisfied with the legal support that Attorney Bowser provided. Payment of my settlement was very prompt following mediation. I would definitely recommend Attorney Bowser to anyone seeking legal assistance regardless of issue type. He can definitely lead you in the right direction."

Posted by Anonymous
September, 2013

Trial Lawyer for Personal Injury Attorney Michael Bowser is by far the greatest trial lawyer you could have represent you. I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Bowser and his staff over the course of a couple years while working a personal injury case on my behalf. I was in a very serious car accident where I sustained permanent injuries and went to Attorney Bowser for help. When we finally went to trial, Attorney Bowser really showed his professionalism, confidence and presentation ability to both Judge and Jury. Attorney Bowser was able to win a favorable decision on my behalf that was awarded via the Jury’s decision. Having Attorney Bowser as my representation always gave me the utmost confidence through a process where nothing is certain. I highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a position needing a Trial Lawyer.

Posted by Shane
September, 2010

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