Top-Rated MA, NH, and ME Criminal Defense Lawyer

Defending a client charged with a crime is the most important and sometimes difficult role for a lawyer in our adversary Court system. Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael Bowser is a systematic and thorough trial attorney, but his approach to defending the accused is quite simple: PROTECT THE CLIENT. That protection takes the form of zealous advocacy in each and every case. Zealous advocacy requires a superior knowledge of MA, NH, and ME criminal defense law and legal procedures, but it also requires a criminal defense lawyer who is creative and confident enough to challenge the government at every turn, especially in a courtroom. The defense never rests.

Attorney Michael Bowser has defended clients before State and Federal Courts in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine for more than fifteen years. In that time he has tried hundreds of criminal defense cases to a verdict of not guilty. He has built his reputation on that willingness to challenge the government and ultimately succeed in the courtroom in defense of his clients. To be protected in the courtroom you need a criminal defense lawyer who will master factual and scientific evidence; present, elicit, and challenge witness testimony through direct and cross examination; and call and utilize appropriate expert witnesses of his own.

Criminal Defense Lawyer and Courtroom Advocate In One

A courtroom advocate must educate, persuade, and influence not only Judges and Juries, but Prosecutors as well. Many of Criminal Defense Lawyer Bowser’s cases are resolved favorably for clients before trial because, as an advocate, he can effectively negotiate from a position of strength, knowledge, and confidence. Attorney Michael Bowser maintains his high level of courtroom advocacy and success by constantly seeking out the latest education and training in trial skills, scientific evidence, jury research, and developing legal issues.

If you require an MA or NH or ME criminal defense lawyer, protect yourself with a proven trial lawyer. Attorney Michael Bowser has successfully defended a wide range of criminal charges against clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

“Criminal convictions can carry a wide variety of consequences other that conviction and sentencing, including civil commitment, civil forfeiture, the loss of the right to vote, disqualification from public benefits, ineligibility to possess firearms, dis-honorable discharge from the Armed Forces, and loss of business or professional licenses.” Padilla v. Kentucky, 130 S.Ct. 1473 at 1488 (2010).

What is the Bowser Law Difference?

There are many attorneys out there, but Mike Bowser stands out as bold, fearless and passionate.

  • Mike Bowser offers a personal touch to personal injury cases. He cares about you and your family and how this tragedy has deeply affected you. He will investigate and personally prepare your case to pursue the maximum compensation for you.
  • Clients who have hired Mike Bowser LOVE him! Take one look at some of his five star reviews and you will know exactly why.
  • Mike Bowser is a ruthless trial attorney who has appropriately received accolades from judges and opposing counsel for his expertise and professionalism.
  • Attorney Bowser has over twenty-five years of experience representing clients injured due to the negligence of another. He has tried several hundred cases successfully to verdict in the District and Superior Courts, including many personal injury jury verdicts that far exceeded the Insurance Company’s last best offer.

29 years of Proven Results.

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