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As a dog bite lawyer in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine Michael Bowser understands the physical, mental, and emotional scars that can result from a dog attack. According to the Center for Disease Control, roughly 4.7 million Americans are victims of a dog attack each year. Roughly 800,000 of those dog attacks cause injuries that are serious enough to require medical attention.

At the offices of attorney Michael Bowser, personal injury victims will find a dog bite lawyer who knows Massachusetts and New Hampshire animal attack laws and will fight to ensure victims recover the compensation to which they are entitled. Unlike many personal injury lawyers, Attorney Bowser is in his element in the courtroom, and frequently brings cases to a successful verdict when other lawyers would have accepted a much lower pre-trial settlement.

Dog Bite Injuries

Almost 60% of dog bite victims who sustain serious injury are children. Children are easily attracted to animals and are naturally trusting; they may not understand signs of aggression or unsafe behavior when exhibited by a dog. Some experts also believe that children’s high-pitched voices mimic the sounds of wounded prey, inviting a violent reaction from dogs. When anybody is wounded or disfigured by a dog it is unfortunate, but when a child sustains a serious injury or disfigurement the situation is especially tragic.

Some common dog bite injuries are to the face and can leave permanent scarring or disfigurement. Other common dog attack injuries include broken bones, lacerations, severed limbs and even wrongful death. The psychological damage done by a dog attack is often as severe and long-lasting as the physical damage is.

Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine

A dog attack is a traumatic event, and the physical and emotional repercussions of an animal attack can last a lifetime. If you or your child has been the victim of a dog attack or dog bite, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine personal injury lawyer Michael Bowser can pursue just compensation for your damages. While there is no way to make up for the physical and emotional damage caused by a dog bite or attack, Attorney Bowser can help victims pursue compensation for:

  • Medical bills, including the cost of reconstructive surgery
  • Prescription costs
  • Physical therapy
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Lost Wages
  • Psychological treatment

In more than 15 years, Attorney Bowser has tried hundreds of jury trials to verdict in the Superior and District Courts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine and he can do the same for you. Contact dog bite lawyer Michael Bowser at his Massachusetts or New Hampshire or Maine office for a free review of your claim.

Here are some case results from clients who we represented in their injury cases:

Dog Bite Claim $117,000.00


Dog Bite. Young boy attacked by chained dog in neighbor’s yard. Serious facial lacerations which result in permanent scarring.


Homeowner’s insurance carrier denies coverage for claim and files suit against homeowner and injured boy’s family to seek opinion from Court supporting their denial of personal injury coverage under applicable homeowner’s policy. Policy limits $100,000.


Settled prior to trial pursuant to structured settlement for present day and future benefits. $117,000

Maine DOG BITE INJURY $30,000


Dog Bite. 54 year old Woman attacked by unrestrained at large dog while walking along lakeside street during 1st day of scheduled vacation. Small dog leaves two (2) small puncture wounds on the leg which healed with resulting permanent scarring.


Client received only emergency medical care immediately following the bite injury to clean and dress wound. Several months passed before client pursued further physical therapy treatment to address stiffness and tightness around puncture wounds. Based on apparent small scars and limited medical treatment insurance carrier initially offers only $5,000 for settlement. Through continued negotiations Bowser Law bolsters value of claim with numerous additional photographs of final scarring and in person summary of client’s emotional distress damages.


Settled during negotiations with dog owner’s insurance carrier for $30,000.

Past successful case results are not a guarantee or promise of a similar result in your case. Each case is factually distinct with various applicable legal standards. Further, as a trial lawyer with the experience of hundreds of completed Jury and Bench DUI trials in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine Attorney Bowser understands the risks associated with the adversarial trial process. Any lawyer who claims never to lose cases doesn’t really try cases, especially difficult cases. Anonymous factual/legal summaries are authorized in advance by clients.

What is the Bowser Law Difference?

There are many attorneys out there, but Mike Bowser stands out as bold, fearless and passionate.

  • Mike Bowser offers a personal touch to personal injury cases. He cares about you and your family and how this tragedy has deeply affected you. He will investigate and personally prepare your case to pursue the maximum compensation for you.
  • Clients who have hired Mike Bowser LOVE him! Take one look at some of his five star reviews and you will know exactly why.
  • Mike Bowser is a ruthless trial attorney who has appropriately received accolades from judges and opposing counsel for his expertise and professionalism.
  • Attorney Bowser has over twenty-five years of experience representing clients injured due to the negligence of another. He has tried several hundred cases successfully to verdict in the District and Superior Courts, including many personal injury jury verdicts that far exceeded the Insurance Company’s last best offer.

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