What are the Penalties for Boating while Intoxicated?

As spring rolls around, so does boating season. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine all have great boating attractions. Whether it is the lakes of New Hampshire or the shorelines of Maine and Massachusetts, so many of us enjoy spending time with friends and family out on the water.

One thing many people do not realize is that the penalties for boating under the influence are actually the same, if not more, than if you were driving under the influence.

A BWI Conviction will get both your Boating and Driving Licenses Suspended

Police know that boaters tend to be very lax when it comes to operating boats while intoxicated. That is why targeted enforcement and patrols are common in popular areas. Every year many boaters are arrested and charged.

If you were arrested for BUI, this is not a minor infraction. If convicted, this will trigger a whole host of penalties including:

  • Suspension of your Driving License
  • Suspension of your Boating License
  • Fines
  • Possible jail time, depending on your blood alcohol content and prior convictions.

If you were arrested in another state, your license will be suspended in both that state and your home state. This can complicate things as you have to adhere to requirements in both states when you apply to get your license reinstated.

The consequences do not end there. There are many ways a boating under the influence (BUI/BWI) can affect your life:

  • Your car and boat insurance rates will increase.
  • If you hold a professional license, you will most likely be required to report the conviction to your governing body. This may result in sanctions or suspension of your professional license, depending on your history and the rules of licensure.
  • This conviction will remain on your criminal history. Future employers and anyone who does a background check will be able to see it. This may result in lost job opportunities and more.

If you have been charged with boating under the influence the best thing you can do is call 888-526-9737 and schedule your free consultation. Many clients who were facing very serious BUI charges met with Attorney Bowser and were immediately impressed by his knowledge, confidence, and professionalism. If you can’t afford a conviction, choose Bowser Law.

Attorney Mike Bowser is not only a highly experienced and Board Certified DUI attorney, but he is also a licensed commercial fisherman who spends many weekends on the water. He knows how much this case means to you and how to fight these charges.