Construction Site Injury Cases

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work. Every year, thousands of hard-working construction workers sustain injury in a construction site accident. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that the construction industry has one of the highest rates of work-related fatalities in the nation. Unfortunately, many of those accidents are completely preventable. Construction companies often ignore safety measures to cut back on costs, thus creating unsafe working conditions.

If you or a loved one has been hurt at a construction site, you need an attorney who can get you justice. Attorney Mike Bowser has intricate knowledge of the state building and safety codes and OSHA regulations in MA, NH, and ME. He also understands the complex nature of construction site hierarchies, navigating between construction site owners, contractors, and sub-contractors. Everyone will try to pass the buck but Attorney Bowser will hold them accountable.

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Here are some case results from clients who we represented in their construction site accident cases:



Union painter falls on construction site when he steps on copper pipe left on floor and covered with sawdust. Torn meniscus of left knee and total tear of right knee MCL/ACL. Medical bills exceed $83,000. Lost wage claim includes total permanent disability from occupation as painter.


Insurance company for general contractor responsible for job site safety denies liability, questions the plaintiff’s credibility and challenges the extent and nature of his injuries. Pre-trial offer of $300,000 reduced to $250,000 at trial. Plaintiff owes $220,000 to Worker’s Compensation Insurance Carrier.


Jury verdict following eight (8) day personal injury trial before the Suffolk Superior Court in Boston, MA. Verdict of $775,000. Pre-trial interest and comparative fault offset results in total judgment against responsible general contractor for $828,000.

Construction Site Safety


General Contractor and sub-contractor for construction project each deny premises liability and blame injured plaintiff for walking through unlighted garage area in where open pit is located. Plaintiff establishes that both parties were responsible for overall safety of worksite and regular exit of building was blocked by construction debris, thereby leaving unlighted garage as only available exit from building. Plaintiff’s expert establishes numerous construction site safety violations under both OSHA and State Building Code regulations.


Settled prior to trial at mediation for $132,500.00