I am a Nurse in Maine. How will felony affect me?

If you are a nurse being charged with a felony in Maine, you must have many questions. A felony charge is very serious and will affect your future in significant ways. A conviction will not only result in jail time, but it could also affect your career.

The State of Maine has outlined licensure requirements for nurses in Title 32 § 2173 Article 3. Specifically, it states, in part, under Requirements paragraph 3G:

Have not been convicted or found guilty, or have entered into an agreed disposition, of a felony offense under applicable state or federal criminal law;

Simply put, a felony conviction will disqualify you from obtaining a nursing license.

If you are a nurse facing felony charges or convictions, it is important that you work with an attorney who can guide you as to the best course of action while taking into account your special circumstances. When your future is on the line, experience matters.

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Posted by Anonymous December, 2018

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