Can I get a hardship/cinderella/work license in MA if I am suspended in NH?

Since we defend clients in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, one of the most common questions we get is:

Can I get a hardship license in MA if I am suspended in NH?

Massachusetts RMV will not issue anyone a hardship license if their license is suspended in another state. When the Massachusetts RMV pulls the National Driving Record (“NDR”) and sees a suspension of a person’s license in any other state, that immediately removes him from eligibility for a hardship license. That person should return to the state suspending his license and clear his license in that state before coming to MA and requesting reinstatement of his license or privilege to drive in MA.

Out-of-state suspensions or revocations affect your Massachusetts license. Your license will be suspended in Massachusetts until any out-of-state suspension or revocation is cleared. When your license is reinstated in the other state, you must bring either a reinstatement letter or a current driving record from that state to any RMV Full Service Center. You may also need to give additional information. Your reinstatement letter or driving record cannot be over 30 days old.

Each U.S. state must tell the Massachusetts RMV about any traffic offenses you commit there. These offenses will be treated as if they happened in Massachusetts if they are a “like” offense. This can all be found under M.G.L. Chapter 90, Section 24.

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