How can I get a Hardship License in NH?

New Hampshire recently created the right to obtain a Limited License. This limited license is only available on DWI 1st offenses. You cannot obtain a limited license if you have a prior DWI anytime in your life that the DMV knows about, and you cannot obtain a limited license during any period of Administrative License Suspension (ALS).

Most importantly, you must be sentenced by the Court on the DWI 1st charge, the Petition for Limited License must be allowed by the Court, and you must install an ignition interlock device (IID) for one (1) full year.

You must serve at least forty-five (45) days of the suspension before the Limited License is granted. You cannot obtain a limited license on a DWI second or subsequent offense, or an Aggravated DWI.

The limited license only allows you to drive from home for purposes of work, education, medical treatment on drug/alcohol counseling. You cannot go shopping, drop off the kids at practice or even visit family or friends. You must also carry a copy of the Court’s Limited License Order in your car at all times and give a copy of the same order to your local police Department.

So, if you’ve been arrested and are facing a DWI charge in NH, you cannot get any hardship relief unless you have resolved the DWI and been convicted of the DWI.