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Why do I need an attorney in a criminal case?

September 30, 2011


If you were charged with a crime and you find yourself before a court in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, my advice to you is don’t ever go to court without a qualified attorney. You need someone like myself to go to court with you each and every time. The collateral consequences of a criminal conviction can affect so many other aspects of your life. You can lose your ability to gain financial aid as a student, public housing. You could lose your right to carry a firearm or your license to carry. You could lose your driver’s license, you could lose your commercial driver’s license. You could be denied the right to obtain citizenship. There are so many collateral consequences to a criminal conviction that you absolutely need to go to court with a qualified attorney to protect your rights. There are rules of evidence, there are rules of procedure, that apply to each and every case. And without a qualified attorney, you’re going to lose the ability to effectively defend yourself before a court.

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