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Why do I need a DUI lawyer?

September 21, 2011


If you’ve been arrested and charged with DUI, and DUI, DWI, OUI, in Massachusetts and New Hampshire you hear those terms, those acronyms switched over and over again, it’s all the same thing, it’s just a matter of the language of the statute and the acronyms they may use but drunk driving as a defense practice for a criminal defense lawyer like myself, is a very specific, technical, sometimes complicated area of the law. If you’ve been arrested and charged with this type of offense and you want to fight and obtain an acquittal or a dismissal of those charges then you need to hire an attorney who is well versed and experienced and capable of trying this type of case to verdict. I pride myself of not being what I refer to as a plea escort service. I am not going to charge a client a fee with the purpose or the intent of walking into court and pleading them out. Because pretty much any lawyer who knows a little bit about the law can walk you into a courtroom and plead you out to a continuance without a fining. That is not why people hire me. I’m hired because I specialize in the defense of these cases meaning I fight the case from the first day it comes into the office until I obtain a verdict from a judge or a jury. If you’re going to spend money to fight these cases then make sure that you’re hiring an attorney who can truly help you. There is hope in every single one of these cases because they are so factually specific. The smallest change in detail and facts from one case to another may be the very difference between a guilty and a not guilty finding. And you need to hire a lawyer that can recognize both those factual issues and the legal issues and the scientific issues behind many of the breath and blood testing techniques that are used by the government.

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