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Why is trial experience necessary when selecting an attorney?

October 14, 2011


Trial experience when selecting a personal injury attorney is important because if you can not try a case, then you will never settle a case. Most personal injury cases are settled and the reason that they are settled is because the insurance industry knows that if it goes to trial they may end up paying an amount of money to you through your attorney. My practice is both criminal defense and personal injury. In my criminal defense practice I try anywhere from 40 to 60 trials every year, and I’ve been doing that for over 15 years. I try more cases than most. When I pick up a personal injury case, from day one I treat that case as if it is going to trial, and if it does in fact go to trial I have had numerous verdicts, successful verdicts, only because I’m willing, able, and capable of trying that case in front of a jury. So again, if you’re looking at a serious personal injury matter, make sure that you’re hiring an attorney who has the experience level to actually try that case to verdict if necessary.

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