Did the Police Lie about your OUI Case?

Many drivers who have been arrested for OUI complain that what the police officer wrote in the police report is not what actually happened. What should you do if you are in this predicament?

The Police are not your Friends
There are a lot of great police officers who work very hard to protect our communities and families. However, with all due respect, the police are not your friends when you get pulled over for an OUI. The reason you were pulled over in the first place is because the officer has suspicion that you were guilty of a crime. Or, at least, that’s the legal standard required for the police to make a legal stop of your motor vehicle. The police report will highlight the reasons why the officer believes you are guilty in the police report. It will be biased against you and in some cases may not be factually accurate.

People Believe the Police are More Honest than You
There is a reason why police officers appear in court in uniform. Judges and jurors naturally see that uniform as a symbol of authority and are more likely to believe the officer than you. Afterall, you are in that court because you (allegedly) committed a crime. It is very important to understand this psychology and understand how the deck is truly stacked against you. Even though there is a legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty, in the minds of many judges and jurors, it is the other way around.

Attorney Mike Bowser gives you the Advantage
Overcoming the testimony of the police officers can be very difficult, especially when they have a blood or breath test showing a result that is over the limit. This is why you need an experienced OUI Attorney. With over 25 years of experience, as well as strong trial skills and an understanding of the science behind the tests, Attorney Bowser puts you in a strong position to receive a positive outcome in your case.

One key to defending OUI cases is to present evidence that shows that what the police officer is saying is not the complete story. In other words, diminish the credibility of the police officer who is testifying against you during cross examination. To do this, Attorney Bowser carefully studies the evidence and meticulously prepares each case. Attorney Bowser has mastered the art of successful cross examination and takes on your case to fight and protect you.

If you have been charged with an OUI, please call 888-414-9202 today for your free case consultation. Your case deserves an aggressive defense.

Summertime is DUI Time

As the weather gets warmer, you may have noticed more commercials on TV about DUI enforcement. You may have also run into a DUI checkpoint or you may have seen more police cars patrolling at night. Police routinely patrol bars, clubs, and popular beach areas. This is not by accident.

DUI arrests are very profitable for local law enforcement. It is a concept that some have dubbed “Policing for Profit”. Think about how towns and their police departments work together to set up speed traps by suddenly dropping the speed limit from one area to another. This helps them write more tickets, which means more money. At this point, law enforcement has little to do with protecting the public and more to do with profit.

DUI is handled in a very similar way. Cops focus on making arrests even when the driver is not guilty. Attorney Bowser recently dealt with a case where a driver was charged with DWI even after testing less than half the legal limit.

Also be vigilant if you are out on the water because police make a number of BWI or Boating while Intoxicated arrests as well. Remember, Boating while Intoxicated will get both your boating and car licenses suspended.

So if you are out there and have had too much to drink, please play it safe and call an Uber or a friend to drive. If you are arrested for a DUI, the safe bet is to call Bowser Law. Call 888-414-9202 now for a free case evaluation.