Repeat Offenders

Why Experience Matters: Repeat Offenders

There are plenty of DUI attorneys out there. Each one has a different level of experience and a different way of handling cases. Some attorneys try to simply negotiate a plea in every case. We are not that firm.

At Bowser Law, we pride ourselves on fighting for the citizens accused of a crime. We take cases to trial to fight for the best possible result for our clients. When you decide to fight, experience matters. Attorney Bowser’s results prove his success.

In this blog series, we will detail some examples of how experience makes a difference in DWI/OUI cases. Previously in this series, we have covered:

Today we will look at Repeat Offenders.

If you have been charged with a DUI and you have a past conviction, you can expect to face enhanced penalties which include jail time and a lengthy license suspension. Because of the political and safety issues related to DUI, judges come down hard on habitual offenders. This means more serious penalties for you. There are also many other consequences like higher insurance rates and possibly the loss of your job. In these cases, having an experienced trial lawyer on your side is extremely important. A conviction will not be a slap on the wrist.

If you have a DUI conviction in the past, it is in your best interest to find an experienced attorney who is willing to fight hard to protect you. This is not a case you can take lightly and, unfortunately, many attorneys will do just that. To them, your case is just a file and their goal is to resolve it as soon as possible, even if that means hurting your future.

Attorney Mike Bowser is different. He plans to put in many hours into investigating and preparing your case. He knows how serious this is and is willing to take the case to trial if necessary. The goal is to fight and protect you.

Many drivers like you who were facing repeat offenses chose attorney Bowser based on his track record and past success in these types of cases. They found him to be a life saver when they need it most. Call Attorney Mike Bowser at (888) 414-9202 today for your free case consultation. Don’t sell yourself short by choosing the wrong attorney.