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Drug Possession Defense in MA and NH

October 4, 2016


In this video, Dean Contover discusses the various techniques for a drug possession defense with Board Certified DUI attorney Mike Bowser.

Techniques for Drug Possession Defense

Dean: Drug possession defense. Let’s talk a little bit about that; we have a few minutes left.

Mike: Sure. How did you, the drugs, and the police come to be at the same place at the same time? That’s the critical issue. Most drug cases are not won or lost at trial because at trial, there’s six ounces of cocaine in your purse, it’s in your car, you’re not going to win or lose those cases typically, in front of a jury. Where those cases are won and lost are in front of a judge on what are called, motions to suppress, where you’re arguing the legality of a search, or a seizure, or a stop. Those are very factual cases; very distinct from one case to the next. A lot of that work involves those constitutional issues around search and seizure. Did they have grounds to stop the vehicle? Did they have grounds to get the person out of the car with an exit order? Did they have the ability to open a purse, open a trunk, search your home, search any number of things? They’re very fact-specific cases; very interesting area of the law.

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