I Got an OUI! What’s Next? Trial Day

September 25, 2018


Getting an OUI is scary. For many people, it is the first time they have been in trouble and they don’t know what to expect. In this series of blog posts, we will take a look at the various court events and hearings you can expect when fighting an OUI case in Massachusetts.

Previously, we have covered:

  1. Arraignment
  2. Pretrial Conference
  3. Compliance & Election
  4. Motions

In this post we will explain the next event: Trial Day

What to expect during an OUI Trial in Massachusetts

On the day of your trial, you should arrive at court by 8:45am and should be dressed in formal attire such as a business suit or similar clothes. It is very important that your arrive before this time and look presentable in front of the Court. It is also important that you remain quiet and calm. Unless you specifically request to testify, it is likely that you will not speak at all that day. If you do have to testify, then your attorney will have briefed you and prepared you beforehand.

You and your lawyer will sit together and select a jury of 6 people (for misdemeanor cases) that you believe will be most fair and unbiased. After jury selection, the trial begins with Opening Statements. Both your attorney and the DA will present the basis for their cases.

Then, the DA will have witnesses take the stand and testify about what happened on the day of the incident. Your lawyer will cross-examine those witnesses and do his/her best to make each witness less credible. An experienced trial lawyer will know what questions to ask and what angles to take to show the jury that the evidence and testimony against your is doubtful.

After the DA’s witnesses have testified, the Defense is given the opportunity to present their own witnesses, which the DA will then cross-examine. Once witness testimony is complete, both sides will present Closing Arguments. After closing arguments, the judge instructs the jury in the law and jury deliberations begin. This is when the jury will meet to review the case and return with a verdict.

When the verdict is returned, if it is “not guilty,” your case will be over and you leave.

However, if you are found “guilty,” the judge will issue your sentence. If mandatory jail is included in the sentence, you should expect to go into custody immediately after the trial. If a license loss is a penalty of your offense, you should expect your license to be confiscated and you will not be able to drive home. Therefore, it is important that you plan accordingly!

You came all the way to trial because you intended to fight these charges against you. Don’t show up to court with an under-prepared, inexperienced attorney. Some people make the mistake of just choosing a cheap lawyer. Normally, a cheap lawyer does little to prepare your case.

At Bowser Law, we want to protect you and the best way to do that is to fight with every inch the law allows. We look critically at the evidence and use our experience and scientific knowledge to help fight these charges.

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