What Does a DUI Means for a Doctor or Dentist?

November 25, 2019


Doctor or Dentist

No one plans on getting a DUI. Usually, the incident is a result of poor planning. As a result, people from all walks of life find them on the wrong side of circumstances. Unfortunately, a DUI can be a truly life altering experience. This is especially true if you are a doctor or dentist.

Whether you reside in Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Maine, a DUI can affect you in the following ways:

Loss of your Medical License

One of the prerequisites for obtaining licensure is that the individual must have “good moral standing”. Determining this is subject to the view of the State Board of Medicine or Dentistry. There have been numerous cases in the past in which the Board deemed an individual unfit based on a DUI conviction. Losing your license is the worst possible outcome and is reason enough to find the best legal help you can to fight this charge.

Loss of your Reputation

In this age of social media, nothing stays hidden for long. This is especially true of DUI convictions. If your patients or colleagues find out about this, the effect on your reputation can be very damaging and last for years to come. DUI carries a very strong social stigma. Who would want to be treated by some “drunk” and “irresponsible” doctor? Unfortunately, that is how people view others who have a DUI conviction.

Even More Serious if the Charge Involves Drugs

DUI charges are even more serious if your charge involves drugs, even if the substance was legalized marijuana. While recreational marijuauna is legal in some states, driving after smoking weed is not. This is a compounded problem for doctors because, not only is this a DUI offense, it is also a drug offense which is looked at more severely by State Medical Boards.

Attorney Mike Bowser has Helped Secure Not Guilty Verdicts for Doctors and Dentists

Not every doctor is the same. Some are specialists. Some are not. Some have more experience and some are just starting out. The same holds true for criminal defense attorneys. Attorney Mike Bowser has over 25 years of trial experience and is the only Board Certified DUI Specialist who works in all three states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. He is dedicated to protecting his clients and deals with professionals like you. One consultation with him and you will see the clear difference between him and the rest.

Here is a testimonial from a Dentist who was in jeopardy of losing his practice and found Mike Bowser to be a life-saver:

DUI expert trial attorney My case was very complex. I am a dentist and if found guilty of a third oui i would loose my license to practice dentistry and have to close my dental practice of twelve employees and ultimately not be able to pay my mortgage on both my house and my office building. I was looking at jail time and Major family problems. After hiring attorney Bowser, he very cooly got my breath test dismissed to my surprise due a faulty test that he uncovered. The case finally went to trial, but still evidence against me was serious and I was sure I would be found guilty. Attorney Bowser, after both picking jurors and trying the case, was able show reasonable doubt and the jury found me NOT GUILTY OF THE OUI!!… My life was on the line and thank god I hired Attorney Bowser to handle my case. I still can not believe the incredible out come. If you want an attorney that can do the impossible, I strongly recommed Atty Michael Bowser. He is professional, detailed, honest and he gets results even if you think it is not possible. I strongly recommend Atty Bowser for your legal needs, he is an incredible gifted trial attorney. My prayers were answered when a friend recommended Atty Bowser!!

Posted by Anonymous December, 2018

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