Why Choose Bowser Law for your Personal Injury Claim

June 26, 2019


Personal injury attorneys are everywhere, but not all attorneys are the same. Your choice of who will be representing your case will have a great impact on how your case goes and ultimately what you are awarded. Please take the time to research and talk to a few attorneys before making your decision.

Why you should choose Attorney Mike Bowser

Attorney Bowser has over 25 years of courtroom experience and successfully tried hundreds of jury trials to a favorable verdict before the Massachusetts Superior and District Courts. He has recovered over $5.5 million for injured clients. He has represented clients who had suffered from all types of injuries, including wrongful death cases.

Widely Respected
Attorney Bowser is well known for his professionalism and experience. Judges often compliment how well prepared his cases are. Other attorneys often refer clients to Bowser law, as do former clients and even police officers and court personnel. This high level of respect has been earned through years of working tirelessly for the best interests of his clients.

Personal Touch
Unlike big firms where you are just a file, at Bowser Law we care about you and your family. We understand that this has been a trying time for you and your loved ones and that is why we offer a personal touch for all of our valued clients. Attorney Mike Bowser will take time to sit and talk to you about your case- not just a rushed phone call. He will answer your questions and give you reasonable expectations about the status of your claim. He is committed to delivering the best results and he won’t settle a case until he feel that this is the best possible option for you.

In many personal injury cases, there is a lot of science. Sometimes a lawyer needs to stand up and explain how many drinks a drink driver had or how much force was put on a bone to break it. Attorney Mike Bowser not only understand the complex scientific aspects of injury cases but he can also express them in a way in which judges and jurors can understand what happened. Very few attorneys are able to to this effectively.

His Clients Love Him!
To get a sense of the great work Attorney Bowser has done for his clients, please take a look at his settlements and verdicts. Some clients even took the time out to write five star reviews about his services. This is why we say our clients love us and you will too!

If you or a loved one has been in an accident, The best thing you can do right now is call us to schedule your free case consultation. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay us until we recover money for you.

What is the Bowser Law Difference?

There are many attorneys out there, but Mike Bowser stands out as bold, fearless and passionate.

  • Mike Bowser offers a personal touch to personal injury cases. He cares about you and your family and how this tragedy has deeply affected you. He will investigate and personally prepare your case to pursue the maximum compensation for you.
  • Clients who have hired Mike Bowser LOVE him! Take one look at some of his five star reviews and you will know exactly why.
  • Mike Bowser is a ruthless trial attorney who has appropriately received accolades from judges and opposing counsel for his expertise and professionalism.

What is the Bowser Law Difference?

Mike Bowser has unique experience and knowledge which he uses to protect his clients.

  • Mike Bowser is the only Board Certified DUI Defense Specialist who practices in MA, NH & ME. This means he had to pass rigorous examinations and interviews about his knowledge of DUI law to become certified.
  • Because he practices in all three states, Mike Bowser knows how to handle the complications that arise when you are charged as an out of state driver.
  • Clients who have hired Mike Bowser LOVE him! Take one look at his reviews and you will see why Mike Bowser is The Most Reviewed 5 Star DUI Defense Lawyer Practicing in MA, NH & ME!
  • He uses his deep understanding of forensic science to pick apart the evidence against you and looks for errors that he can challenge. He then carefully prepares your case with the goal of highlighting these issues and putting you in the best possible position.
  • He is a ruthless cross-examiner who is at home in the courtroom. Judges, prosecutors, and police officers often praise his professionalism and knowledge.

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