Why your attorney needs to know science to properly challenge a DUI case

April 17, 2019


DUI cases are unique because often times, there is no tangible, physical evidence. In a theft case, for example, police may recover the stolen property. In a homicide case, a murder weapon may be discovered. In a drug case, there may be a seized substance. In a DUI case, however, there is usually only the testimony of a police officer and, perhaps, the results of a chemical test.

What most citizens, and many attorneys for that matter, don’t realize is that the test result showing a Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”) number is not an automatic conviction. The government still has to prove that the test result is indeed reliable, accurate and that it proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A knowledgeable attorney may find many ways to challenge the test result.

To do this, an attorney must have a deep understanding of the science behind the tests. There are very specific scientific principles and procedural regulations that must be adhered to for the test results to be reliable and admissible.

Not too long ago, a chemist named Annie Dookhan who worked for the Massachusetts state drug lab was convicted of falsifying evidence. Prosecutors were forced to dismiss over 20,000 cases because of her misconduct. The bottom line is: just because a crime lab’s test results state one thing, that doesn’t mean it’s true or admissible.

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