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Why Experience Matters: Trial Skills

There are plenty of DUI attorneys out there. Each one has a different level of experience and a different way of handling cases. Some attorneys try to simply negotiate a plea in every case. We are not that firm.

At Bowser Law, we pride ourselves on fighting for the citizens accused of a crime. We take cases to trial to fight for the best possible result for our clients. When you decide to fight, experience matters. Attorney Bowser’s results prove his success.

In this blog series, we will detail some examples of how experience makes a difference in DWI/OUI cases. Previously in this series, we have covered:

Today we will look at Trial Skills.

A DUI conviction can carry very serious long term consequences. It can truly be a life altering event. The job of a good attorney is to protect you. To do that, sometimes cases need to be taken to trial. The problem is that most attorneys try to shuffle off your case without spending a lot of time on it. This is why they force clients to accept plea deals which aren’t in your best interests.

Not many attorneys want to take DUI cases to trial. At Bowser Law, we do.

Attorney Mike Bowser is at home in the courtroom. He is always prepared and in control. He has received praise from judges, police officers and even prosecutors. Younger attorneys attend his trials to take notes and learn from him. Trial skills like his are rare.

His results speak for themselves. In 2018, he secured a Not Guilty verdict in 88% of his DUI Trials.

If you have a DUI case and can’t afford to be convicted, call Attorney Mike Bowser at (888) 414-9202 today for your free case consultation. Put his experience at work for you.

What it means to be Trial Lawyer

There are many attorneys out there, but how does a client determine which one is best for them? One important thing that clients should understand is that there are different approaches to practicing law.

One such approach is the high volume, paper pusher approach. Paper pusher attorneys take on a lot of cases and process them very quickly. They usually accept the first offer the district attorney gives them without fighting for a better option. Their entire practice is based on volume. They do not spend time investigating cases and do not take cases to trial because it is too time consuming for them. These attorneys tend to charge low rates, because they plan on spending little time on your case.

Another approach is that of a trial lawyer like Attorney Mike Bowser. Attorney Bowser takes on a limited number of cases and only those cases where he feels he can make a difference. The reason he has to limit his cases is because each case is an individual, a family, a future that is on the line and he wants to give each case his full attention.

He personally investigates and prepares each case with the intention to fight to protect his clients. If this means putting in long hours to prepare for a trial, then he is ready for that. Attorney Bowser is at home in the courtroom and knows that good things happen when you aggressively challenge the state to prove their evidence. In fact, last year, Attorney Bowser won a not guilty verdict in 83% of his trials.

Many clients think they are saving money by choosing a cheap lawyer. Unfortunately, when you add up the costs of jail time, not being able to drive, increased insurance rates, and having a DUI on your criminal record, the costs of a conviction far outweigh the cost of hiring a better attorney.

If you just want to plead guilty, then maybe a paper pusher is the right attorney for you. If you want to protect your future and fight these charges, call 888-526-9737 to schedule your free consultation with Attorney Mike Bowser.

Attorney Mike Bowser by the Numbers

Attorney Mike Bowser has a stellar record defending DUI/DWI cases in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Here are some key facts you should keep in mind:

  • In 24 trials during 2018, Attorney Mike Bowser won a not guilty verdict 83% of the time.
  • Attorney Mike Bowser has never lost a DUI Marijuana case. Ever.
  • Out of 145 DUI/DWI cases in 2018, 105 clients walked away without a DUI or had a more serious DUI reduced to a lesser offense.

The numbers don’t lie. Call 888-526-9737 today for your free case consultation.

Why your attorney needs to know science to properly challenge a DUI case

DUI cases are unique because often times, there is no tangible, physical evidence. In a theft case, for example, police may recover the stolen property. In a homicide case, a murder weapon may be discovered. In a drug case, there may be a seized substance. In a DUI case, however, there is usually only the testimony of a police officer and, perhaps, the results of a chemical test.

What most citizens, and many attorneys for that matter, don’t realize is that the test result showing a Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”) number is not an automatic conviction. The government still has to prove that the test result is indeed reliable, accurate and that it proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A knowledgeable attorney may find many ways to challenge the test result.

To do this, an attorney must have a deep understanding of the science behind the tests. There are very specific scientific principles and procedural regulations that must be adhered to for the test results to be reliable and admissible.

Not too long ago, a chemist named Annie Dookhan who worked for the Massachusetts state drug lab was convicted of falsifying evidence. Prosecutors were forced to dismiss over 20,000 cases because of her misconduct. The bottom line is: just because a crime lab’s test results state one thing, that doesn’t mean it’s true or admissible.

If you are looking for an attorney who knows the science behind DUI cases and is willing to investigate and prepare a strong case for you, look no further than Bowser Law. Attorney Mike Bowser is passionate about science and has traveled around the country attending intensive and advanced courses and seminars about forensic science. He knows how to pick apart the evidence and clearly convey his message to judges and juries. His success rates speak for themselves!

Right now the best thing you can do is call 888-526-9737. and schedule your free consultation. Many clients who were facing very serious DUI charges have met with Attorney Bowser and they were immediately impressed by his knowledge, confidence, and professionalism. If you want to challenge the science in your case, choose Bowser Law.

How a DUI can affect your Massachusetts Chiropractic License

Many people do not realize just how much a DUI conviction can affect your life. Not only could you face court imposed penalties such as fines, jail time, and a suspension of your driver’s license, but you could also face additional penalties if you hold a professional license. That is because each state board has its own set of specific rules governing eligibility for licensure.

The Board of Registration of Chiropractors has outlined licensure requirements in 233 CMR. Specifically,section 2.04(3)a it states the following:

Conduct which reasonably raises a question about whether an applicant possesses the “good moral character” required for registration includes, but is not necessarily limited to, any of the following:

  1. Conviction of any criminal offense, other than a routine traffic violation;

Depending on your criminal and disciplinary history, a DUI conviction may cause the Board to find you ineligible for a chiropractic license. Imagine not being able to work and having your entire career jeopardized.

By definition, a conviction does not have to be a guilty finding. Section 2.04(4) reads as follows:

  1. For purposes of 233 CMR 2.04(3), the term “conviction” means any of the following:
  1. a final judgment entered after a jury verdict of guilty or a judicial finding of guilty;
  2. a plea of guilty;
  3. a plea of no lo contendere (no contest); or
  4. any other plea or finding which is treated by the court as a plea or finding of guilty.

The standards in 233 CMR 2.04(4)(a) through (d) shall apply regardless of the law of the jurisdiction in which the disposition occurred.

If you are a chiropractor, it is important that you work with an attorney who can guide you as to the best course of action while taking into account your special circumstances. When your future is on the line, experience matters.

At Bowser Law, we take your situation very seriously. Professionals from all walks of life choose us because they know that we will go the extra mile to protect them. Protecting your future is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

Here is what one professional recently had to say about Bowser Law:

DUI expert trial attorney My case was very complex. I am a dentist and if found guilty of a third oui i would loose my license to practice dentistry and have to close my dental practice of twelve employees and ultimately not be able to pay my mortgage on both my house and my office building. I was looking at jail time and Major family problems. After hiring attorney Bowser, he very cooly got my breath test dismissed to my surprise due a faulty test that he uncovered. The case finally went to trial, but still evidence against me was serious and I was sure I would be found guilty. Attorney Bowser, after both picking jurors and trying the case, was able show reasonable doubt and the jury found me NOT GUILTY OF THE OUI!!… My life was on the line and thank god I hired Attorney Bowser to handle my case. I still can not believe the incredible out come. If you want an attorney that can do the impossible, I strongly recommed Atty Michael Bowser. He is professional, detailed, honest and he gets results even if you think it is not possible. I strongly recommend Atty Bowser for your legal needs, he is an incredible gifted trial attorney. My prayers were answered when a friend recommended Atty Bowser!!

Posted by Anonymous December, 2018

Right now the best thing you can do is call 888-526-9737 and schedule your free consultation. Many clients who were concerned about their professional license have met with Attorney Bowser and they were immediately impressed by his knowledge, confidence, and professionalism. If you want to an attorney who will fight to protect your career, choose Bowser Law.