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I was charged with a DUI at age 19 in MA, and was extremely scared and nervous that my life would never be the same. I had hit guard rail and still drove off (also charged with leaving scene of crime and property damage), and I reeked of alcohol and had said something to the police about having drank that night. I refused the breathalyzer and did not take any urine or blood tests as the hospital, and I had my license suspended from the immediate threat letter (they did not take my physical license so there was no technical refusal of breathalyzer on my record, thankfully). I thought that it was hopeless that I could find myself a way out of this situation, but Bowser changed that. I had the immediate threat appealed and was allowed to drive my car if I had a breathalyzer inserted (which I did not end up doing, but it helped me in my DUI case). Months later, I was found not guilty on all charges, and the RMV decided that I would need a breathalyzer in my car for 6 months. Bowser appealed the RMV’s decision, and we won the appeal so I was able to get my license back and drive legally without a breathalyzer in my car and I did not have to retake any permit or license test or take any driving safety courses etc. It was like the whole thing had never happened – something that I thought only a miracle could produce. If you are looking for an attorney for your DUI charge, Bowser is DEFINITELY the guy that you want – trust me!

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