Not Guilty Verdict-OUI Maine CDL

Attorney Bowser was incredible. I was charged with an OUI-Refusal in Maine, and was at risk of losing my CDL. He was extremely knowledgeable and prepared. Attorney Bowser took my case to trial and I was found not guilty. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. I highly recommend attorney Bowser.

Best lawyer for out of state DUI

I live and Massachusettes and was pulled over and booked for a DUI in New Hampshire. I had never even gotten a ticket before and was extremely worried and didn’t know what to do. I soon after looked for a lawyer and thankfully found Mr. Bowser. In his free consultation he walked me through what was going to happen beginning to end of this situation whether I hired him or not and whether I pleaded guilty or not. He made me feel a lot better about the situation amd seeing his history with other clients I knew I had to hire him. His charge to hire was very reasonable in my opinion. I still didn’t think I would be able to beat this but Mr. Bowser and his team came through and not only beat my ALS hearing allowing me to get my license back but also beat the actual in person court appearance for the crime itself! I never imagined I would hear the words “not guilty” in that court room. I can not thank Mr. Bowser and his team enough for their help! Thanks to them my record is as clean as it was before and I had to pay no additional fines. They are truly the best!

Great counsel that goes the Extra Mile for Clients

I hired mike bowser and his team after a dui charge in NH. He not only explained everything to me about how everything will take place and all of my options in great detail. I honestly believe he went above and beyond to get the absolute best possible outcome for my case. I would absolutely recommend using him and his team for counsel


I was arrested and charged with DUI in NH. As I Massachusetts resident, I thought it was important to be represented by an attorney who was board certified and licensed in both MA & NH
and had history and familiarity with the NH courts and its personnel.
I hired Attorney Michael Bowser and have no regrets. He is extremely professional, thoroughly explained the process and potential results, and quickly gained my trust and confidence. I was very happy with his representation, guidance and the eventual outcome. I highly recommend Mike and his legal team.

Made miracles become reality! This is the attorney you want!

I was charged with a DUI at age 19 in MA, and was extremely scared and nervous that my life would never be the same. I had hit guard rail and still drove off (also charged with leaving scene of crime and property damage), and I reeked of alcohol and had said something to the police about having drank that night. I refused the breathalyzer and did not take any urine or blood tests as the hospital, and I had my license suspended from the immediate threat letter (they did not take my physical license so there was no technical refusal of breathalyzer on my record, thankfully). I thought that it was hopeless that I could find myself a way out of this situation, but Bowser changed that. I had the immediate threat appealed and was allowed to drive my car if I had a breathalyzer inserted (which I did not end up doing, but it helped me in my DUI case). Months later, I was found not guilty on all charges, and the RMV decided that I would need a breathalyzer in my car for 6 months. Bowser appealed the RMV’s decision, and we won the appeal so I was able to get my license back and drive legally without a breathalyzer in my car and I did not have to retake any permit or license test or take any driving safety courses etc. It was like the whole thing had never happened – something that I thought only a miracle could produce. If you are looking for an attorney for your DUI charge, Bowser is DEFINITELY the guy that you want – trust me!


While Attorney Bowser may weigh heavily toward DUI cases please don’t be fooled, he is a criminal defense HEAVYWEIGHT! I called Mikes office and spoke with David, I told him I have a big problem and little funds and he made sure I knew I was going to be ok. Being one of the only lawyers who practices in NH and MA I was quickly drawn to Mike and when I saw his reaction to the charges vs the actual event that occurred I felt reassured. Mike is incredibly responsive and helpful, on the day of my hearing I was represented by Kristen McLaughlin who absolutely ANNIHILATED the charges. After working with David, Mike and Kristen I truly couldn’t be any happier with the process or the result. Hopefully I’ll never need a lawyer again but if I do, I won’t hesitate to call Attorney Bowser again.

Excellent Attorney

Attorney Bowser and his team are excellent. I was charger with a DUI and lived in Mass and also moved to NC. Attorney Bowser and his team kept me in the know on everything that was going on with my case no matter where I was whether it be by text mail or by phone. The contact was constant and timely. During the process Attorney Bowser and his team won my ALS case with the NH DMV. They understood how important is was for me to keep my license during this time. They worked diligently on my case and had my DUI case dropped to a lesser charge of Reckless driving. I would recommend Attorney Bowser and his team to anyone that might find themselves in trouble with a DUI.

Best decision after a bad decision!

Michael Bowser met with me immediately after my arrest in NH for DUI. I live in MA and found his explanation of my potential consequences in both NH and MA to be both clear and understandable to me under duress. He is knowledgeable of how the process works and has relationships with the people he interacts with daily. This is very important in my opinion versus walking in a court room where your lawyer knows no one. My outcome was the best that could be expected. I am so very grateful and highly recommend Michael Bowser. Val is great at her job, too!

Second offense

It wasn’t myself who needed legal counsel but it was my spouse. However I state that because within our search of the right attorney this one felt right. Not only did he represent my husband but he took the time, care and dedication to hear me and my concerns as well. I never once felt like we were just another client. Naturally the fears that come with a having to hire someone is to be expected but the cost was beyond reasonable and fair. The job he did was unmeasurable! He always maintained his calm and professionalism and helped guide us in the direction that was best for us! Even COVID didn’t stop him from being the best possible solution for us. At all times he was prepared, knowledgeable, sincere and professional I highly recommend him.


I am from mass and needed a DUI lawyer in Nh. I received many referrals all leading towards Mike. From our first phone call to our last handshake. Mike was always there for any questions I had during this process. He made me feel comfortable to trust any and every decision he had. He continued to provide me with every detail and evidence in my case. Always giving me multiple options in which ever way I felt the most comfortable with. Thanks to Mikes abundance of knowledge and friendly relationships with the opposition, Mike was able to clear my charges and leave me with a fresh slate to start a new and improved life with. 10/10.