Not Guilty OUI

During the consultation Mike was straight to the point and very knowledgeable. I decided to hire him for my first OUI case. I went through 3-4 court appearances and eventually ended up having a jury trial. Mike’s team was very responsive to my calls and concerns and help guide me through the whole process. The jury trial was very nerve racking, but Mike was so confident and smooth during the whole process that it help me feel at ease. Such a huge weight off my shoulder and I would 100% recommend and hire Mike again.

Highly recommend

Michael is a true professional. He is an expert in his field of practice and I always feel confident when referring my clients to him. I highly recommend his services.

3rd OUI & assault on March 31st 2017

My name is Mark & on March 31st 2017 I was arrested in Watertown, Ma for a 3rd OUI & an assault charge. This case was approximately 15 months old at the time of the verdict. I had done some research and after careful consideration I hired attorney Michael Bowser. Due to the charge I had lost my license upon arrest and it was not easy for me to meet or get around and yet attorney Bowser had no problem going out of his way by coming to my apartment to discuss the situation. He was honest, didn’t make promises, upfront about costs and process as well as the possibilities of different outcomes and my options from there. Needless to say it was very refreshing speaking with him. I was always able to reach attorney Bowser and contact was maintained throughout. My case went to trial by jury and after arguing the case with opening closing strategies and questioning of parties involved I was found not guilty. I cannot stress how highly I recommend attorney Bowser and I am forever thankful for his professional, knowledgeable and representation!

OUI dismissed!!!

In a blink of an eye your life can change right before you, and you made it need legal help or advice, you want a lawyer that plays chess not checkers, if you want somebody that strategizes I would choose Mike Bowser.

Tom Flaherty

I recently had a successful DUI verdict using Bowser Law, I strongly recommend for DUI services. Bowser Law is very knowledge and professional and provides excellent services.

Mike is a ROCK STAR attorney!

Even if I hadn’t won my case I would have wrote Mike a great review. First off, he knows his stuff. There was a time during cross examination I had a hard time suppressing the urge to smile as I knew I was going to win the case. But back-up to the day of the incident – Mike got back to me quickly, listened to my situation, gave good advice and scheduled a time to meet and discuss all options. After that meeting it was obvious Mike knew the ins and outs of OUI law and I felt that if I decided to go to trial (which Mike pointed out is why people hire him) he was the guy i’d choose. He really crushed it in court and I am happy to say we got a favorable ruling! I highly recommend Mike as counsel if you find yourself in need.

Knowledge and experience a plus

I was arrested for DUI and, because of a DUI conviction from 34 years ago, was facing the prospects of a second conviction. In my initial consult with Attorney Bowser, he clearly laid out my options – and the penalties associated with them. After discussing all the options, we agreed that the best option for me was to plead guilty and try and minimize the penalties. Although Atty. Bowser felt there was always a chance to win at trial, he understood my reasons for not going to trial – namely that I would have been denied all driving privileges pending the outcome of the trial, which could have taken up to 6 months – Atty. Bowser was not looking to add to his impressive “win” totals, but was working with his client (me) to affect the best possible outcome.

At my court appearance Atty. Bowser successfully argued for a Cahill Disposition, resulting in the conviction being classified a misdemeanor and enabling me to get limited driving privileges much more quickly than I would have otherwise. I was still facing 3 years with a hardship license and 5 years with an ignition interlock device, but Atty. Bowser was not done.

Using his many years of experience and knowledge of the legal system, Atty. Bowser successfully argued to have my 34 year old DUI conviction re-opened, and then dismissed. Atty. Bowser then contacted the RMV to make sure my driving privileges were restored. The end result was 1 DUI conviction on my record, a 6 month hardship license ( I had refused the breathalyzer) and 6 months paying for the Ignition Interlock Device.

Atty. Bowser’s expertise and hard work saved me over $7000 in Ignition Interlock Device payments alone, not to mention allowing me to drive after 7 PM.

I highly recommend Atty. Bowser for anyone facing a DUI conviction, you will not be disappointed.

Michael Bowser, excellent legal counsel

Attorney Bowser responded to our needs for legal counsel quickly and effectively. He was there every step of the way with my questions me and my family had. He went above and beyond when needed to provide his time and assurance that I would be properly represented for. Having Attorney Bowser represent us in this matter resulted in a positive outcome for a difficult situation. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of legal counsel.

DWI reduced to Reckless Driving

I cannot express how thankful I am for Attorney Bowser. He represented me starting in August of 2017 for a DWI charge. He handled it quickly and got it reduced to Reckless Driving. Since the closing of my case Attorney Bowser has returned my calls with questions just as quickly as if my case were still active. He is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Attorney Bowser is hands down the way to go!