Two Felonise two misdemeanors dropped to one misdemeanor… truly saved my life

“Michael Bowser recently representing me on a superior case out of rocking ham County.. I was facing two Felonies and two misdemeanor charges possibly looking at upwards of two years in state prison.. Mike worked extensively on my case until he was able to get all Felonise and one mistermemer drooped,, I am extremely happy with his representation of this case and would recommend him to anyone I am extremely happy with his representation of this case and would recommend him to anyone with facing charges in New Hampshire,, My life was riding on this and mike made sure I didn’t even get probation, never mind two years in state prison,,
Thank you Mike for the unbelievable job you did on my case,,,,”

Cannabis possession

“I was referred to Mr Bowser by a mother lawyer in the western part of the state after consult and agreeing on the cost I hired Mr Bowser. I found him to be relatable and confident lawyer.
He got my case dropped with zero charges.
I would hire him again if I ever had another issue with cannabis possession, or any other criminal offense”

Excellent! Look no further!

I was charged with a DUI in NH, live in MA. I was scared, sad, and felt like I had hit rock bottom. I couldn’t talk to anyone for days but knew I had to contact a lawyer for help. I knew nothing about dealing with anything like this- had a completely clean record. I got the courage to call, and spoke with Val- who was so kind and comforting during, what I felt like, was the worst time of my life. I met with Mike for the free consultation and knew immediately I needed to hire him. He was accommodating, friendly, comforting, and didn’t make me feel like I was the worst person on Earth (which is how I was feeling.) We won the ALS hearing – he knew keeping me able to drive was important. He also was kind and considerate- he asked me a few times if things were ok and made sure I still held my current job. The fact that he cared about ME instead of just getting paid meant a lot to me. I had several court conferences where I met with two different women lawyers from the firm- both were very kind, reassuring and nothing that I expected! They make you feel like family, in a way. My trial finally came, Attorney Bowser was there early to try and find some aggreement. And he did. My DUI was dropped down to the lesser charge of reckless driving. There’s some work I need to do based on the conditions, and am happy to do it. Attorney Bowser left me that day completely set up for success. He recommended a therapist to do the court ordered evaluation, he let me know that he will still work with me regarding the license suspension in NH (and getting it reinstated) and said that when the MA RMV gets involved, to let him know and he’d help with that. From start to finish, I am so glad I hired Attorney Bowser. I was scared- I didn’t know if I should go without a lawyer, or which to choose but if I could give you any advice- go with your gut- that’s why you’re reading this! The best outcome for you is Bowser Law- not only for the defense, but when you’re stressed more than you can imagine, there’s something comforting about being able to reach out to Val, in the office. She’s the best! Good luck!

Highly recommend Mr. Bowser

We retained Mr. Bowser to assist with a charge of alcohol possession of a minor. Mr. Bowser is extremely knowledgeable in both MA & NH laws. He was responsive, professional, and thoroughly explained all possible outcomes of the case. I would highly recommend his services.

The Absolute Best

Mike Bowser is an incredible oui trial attorney. He is 100% prepared , knows the facts of the case inside and out. I saw him in action during my case and he is the real deal. My family and my kids will forever be greatful to the work Mike Bowser does to defend you In the court room.

The weight of the world is off my shoulders

As a woman Healthcare Professional, I highly recommend Attorney Michael Bowser if you are seeking representation for a DWI/DUI charge. Attorney Bowser is thoroughly prepared, laser focused, and he also worked diligently with me for my day in court. The result- NOT GUILTY and I feel like “The weight of the world is off my shoulders”.

Absolutely Brilliant

I was going through a tough time in my life and was being charged with a second offense OUI with 2 other charges of neg. operation and marked lanes violation. I hired Mike Bowser to represent me in my case. He kept me informed through the whole process . When I had my day in court. I was amazed and so was the courtroom. He was very brilliant very professional and comes prepared. I was going to do the Cahill plea just to get on with my life. But he had other plans. He wanted to try my case. I was then found not guilty on all charges and got my lic. restored. I want to thank Mike Bowser and his law firm for all the time and outstanding dedication they put in my case. Do yourself a favor and hire this man. He is worth his weight in gold. In my opinion he is the Best DWI-OUI lawyer in the state.

Awesome Team of Lawyers

I was pulled over for a DUI and my license was immediately suspended due to not taking a breathalyzer. Bowser Law found a way to plead my case found some missed steps by police to over turn my suspension. That was huge for me because I needed to drive for work. Eventually I had to plead to a lesser offense. I found everyone at the office likable and extremely knowledgeable. I called and texted Mr. Bowser. He replied right away every time, day or after hours, that was HUGE to me. I want to recommend Bowser Law, top notch best representation and care I ever had from any Attorney.

Mike Bowser is an Excellent Attorney!

I was charged with driving w/o interlock device and past hour restrictions. Hired court appointed attorney who advised I was looking at 5 months time and did not represent me on the first court date, therefore, decided to hire Mr. Bowser who answered all my questions and guided me through the process. After two years of court dates, my felony conviction was dismissed! I am so grateful and highly recommend Attorney Bowser!