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I was wrongfully charged with DUI after a traffic stop for speeding. I looked around for lawyers, and I heard Mike was the best for criminal defense in DWI. After my consultation, I was sold I was in the best hands to get the charge dismissed by hiring Mike. Mike was able to get my charge fully dismissed in court. His attention to detail is incredible, and he was always there to answer my questions. If you want the best lawyer, please go to Mike he will not let you down. He is the best at what he does. 10/10.

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Michael Bowser has been an absolute life saver. I received an OUI charge in MA as a NH resident, being so young this was one of the scariest things that had ever happened to me. I had no idea what I was in for, scared was an understatement. At the consultation, Mike let me know every option I had, every outcome and explained every piece of information we had discussed extremely clear. At no point did I feel pressured by him or misunderstood. Him and his team stayed in contact with me throughout this 10 month process, any questions I had I could call and ask and would get a returned answer by the next day or before! As we went through many hearings, I was very impressed with the way he represented myself and the case. When the time of the trial came, I was still mortified to be faced with such a serious matter but I knew I was in good hands. This man is extremely intelligent and while listening to the way he delivered my case I felt very comfortable. Thank you Mike for all your help, I couldn’t express my appreciation enough!


I hired Mike Bowser for a DUI. He was absolutely amazing. I was so scared that I was going to have to go to jail and lose my license I couldn’t sleep or eat. Needless to say Attorney Bowser was amazing. I didn’t even have to pay a fine. I would highly recommend Attorney Bowser without him I would have lost my job of 20 years. My home my everything! If you are looking for a lawyer for DUI there is no other choice but Attorney Mike Bowser! I am a happy woman!

DWI Defense

Attorney Bowser is incredibly knowledgeable in his field and an absolute expert. He has the right connections to insure a positive outcome. Had my case been fought in court I would have certainly been found guilty, however attorney Bowser was able to negotiate a plea deal that dropped my DWI down to a reckless driving violation. I couldnt be more pleased with the results.


I am extremely happy that I decided to hire Mike to represent me against the charges I was facing in NH (DWI). Being a 21-year-old full-time student and going up against these type of charges was definitely overwhelming. After, looking around online for A lawyer I came across Michael Bowser and all of the reviews on his past cases. They were impressive and I decided to meet with him to see what options I had and what my case is looking like. This man won’t make you fake promises he will tell you what every step along the way will look like and your realistic chances. After our first meeting, I knew I wanted him to be my lawyer. He gives off this great presence of knowledge and professionalism. Fast forward 9 months here I am feeling 20 pounds lighter by the outcome of my case…. NOT GUILTY! An amazing feeling thanks to the work of Mike! I usually do not write reviews but I know when I was looking around for a lawyer I came across these very same reviews and that sealed the deal for me when I needed to pick a lawyer. So I hope if you are reading this now it’s a no-brainer that Mike will value your time and fight for your best interest.

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My case was very complex. I am a dentist and if found guilty of a third oui i would loose my license to practice dentistry and have to close my dental practice of twelve employees and ultimately not be able to pay my mortgage on both my house and my office building. I was looking at jail time and Major family problems. After hiring attorney Bowser, he very cooly got my breath test dismissed to my surprise due a faulty test that he uncovered. The case finally went to trial, but still evidence against me was serious and I was sure I would be found guilty. Attorney Bowser, after both picking jurors and trying the case, was able show reasonable doubt and the jury found me NOT GUILTY OF THE OUI!!…

My life was on the line and thank god I hired Attorney Bowser to handle my case. I still can not believe the incredible out come. If you want an attorney that can do the impossible, I strongly recommed Atty Michael Bowser. He is professional, detailed, honest and he gets results even if you think it is not possible. I strongly recommend Atty Bowser for your legal needs, he is an incredible gifted trial attorney. My prayers were answered when a friend recommended Atty Bowser!!

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Mike Bowser and He’s wife and he’s lawyers were very helpful . Especially Mike and he’s Wife were a very good support may the Lord bless this office and all the good work he does for this community . Also providing all the help and satisfaction to he’s client . I will referral Mike Bowser to any one .

Excellent Outcome

Mike and his team were wonderful. I was concerned as Attorney Bowser didn’t handle everything himself, but rest assured he and the team are all great. They worked excellent as a team, and I got the best outcome possible. I highly recommend Mike and his whole team. They truly understand the process and all the players in the court system.

Really good lawyer

I hired attorney Michael Bowser to fight drunk driving charges so I wouldn’t loose my Class A Commercial Drivers License. Not to get to into my case but I blew a .08 and caught with an open container in my personal vehicle. My charges were dropped from a Class B Misdemeanor to a Town Ordinance fine for $1,000 for breaking traction and was wrote off as like a noise violation and I got to keep my CDL. For anyone that’s trying to fight a DWI with a CDL I highly recommend hiring Mike Bowser he did a great job with my case.


I am a Mass resident with with 3 prior convictions from almost 30 years ago.I was arrested for boating while intoxicated In New Hampshire and refused the breastalizer. When I learned of Melany’s Law and what this could mean to my Mass license I thought my life was over. I consulted with Mr Bowser and was instantly convinced he was the right choice. He was able to get my case dropped to Careless and Negligent boating with no loss of driving license in Mass and only the 6 months in New Hampshire for the refusal. I could not be more pleased with my selection or Mr. Bowser and the results I got.