Great Lawyer

He helped bring my sentencing down for where I can be able to finally relax and not be so stressed and disappointed he’s the best!!

DWI arrest in Portsmouth NH

I am a Massachusetts resident and was arrested for a DWI in the state of New Hampshire. As I started doing my research online to find myself a defense attorney for my DWI case, I came across Michael Bowser and made a arraignment for a free consultation. After the free consultation, I knew that Michael was the person that I was going to hire due to his extensive experience in the field of DWI defense and the presentation that he had, which gave me confidence that I had a very good chance of beating my case when it went to trial. On trial day, after the police officer who made the arrest was done with his testimony, Michael took the floor and he completely took over the courtroom room. Michael found a lot of inconsistencies in the the testimony of the police officer and the police report that the officer made on the day of the arrest. As the trial concluded, the judge came back with the verdict and it was “NOT GUILTY “. As you can imagine, I was extremely happy in the outcome and I highly recommend Mr. Bowser in your defense for justice on your DUI or DWI case. You can also go on YouTube and see alot of videos on Mike giving advice on DUI and DWI.

OUI Not Guilty

I had an unfortunate experience where I was charged with an OUI during an extremely traumatic event that occurred for my family. Michael came highly recommended from a close lawyer to my family. He laid out exactly how the process would be with this type of case, and what my options were for each step of the process. He was very thorough with details and game me his honest opinion that he felt I had a strong enough case to take to trial. Despite having the court date pushed back again and again, Michael was great with his advice and how to approach the forthcoming trial. During the trial, he was tenacious in my defense and was impressive in how he handled it. He really showed his understanding of my case with how he presented my defense. To be honest, even if I had lost the case, I would highly recommend him as he was an incredible lawyer. I adamantly give my recommendation for Michael.

Professionalism and Persistence

I hired Attorney Bowser almost 4 years ago to fight an OUI charge I received in Massachusetts. Right away, he made time to meet with me, laid out all my options, and gave me the best instruction on what to do going forward. He showed up to every court appearance well prepared and always put me at ease. His due diligence and wealth of knowledge is impressive. Even after I had accepted a plea, he reached out to inform me that there were changes due to a recent law passed and that my case could be reviewed again. After going back to court again, my case was dismissed. Without Attorney Bowser being so persistent, I would not be in the position I am today (dismissal of OUI).

Best DUI Attorney

Mike and his team are excellent. I was charged with a DWI while on vacation in New Hampshire which would have been a first offense there. The problem is this would have been communicated from NH to MA and I would have been facing a potential 2nd or 3rd DWI in MA both which have severe consequences. He is was able to plea to Conduct after an accident which was 30 day license loss in NH. His team also beat the initial ALS screening and proved that the officer had not properly done the field sobriety tests that I failed. If you are in a pinch call him. Life saver!

The best money I ever spent

I had a DUI charge in NH and I’m a MA resident, which presents a whole world of challenges to begin with. Atty Bowser immediately got down to business and outlined what the facts were about the charges, the consequences each charge carried with it, and the process from beginning to end. He gave me choices in which action to take at each stage of the process. He is very experienced and an excellent trial lawyer specifically. Atty Bowser was attentive and understanding to my individual experience. We ended up going to trial in NH superior court. It was my first (and last) experience with the trial process. We did jury selection together and he knew exactly who he wanted and didn’t want on the jury and why. We ended up with a jury of almost all women. I am a woman as well. He noted the pros and cons of such, and knew how to speak to the individual jurors’ sympathies based on their demographics and employment, interests, etc. On the trial day, he was graceful and poignant in his presentation. He highlighted the facts that would discredit the police witness and the prosecution’s case. He found all the holes in their evidence and used it honestly and matter-of-factly. At one point he had to fight to get my booking video into evidence for the jury to see, as the prosecution did not want it to be seen. He won that by citing a case that the judge knew well and the video was admitted. He was pro-style in his execution of this. He argued my case with confidence and conviction. He knew exactly what the prosecutor was going to ask my witness and how she was going to approach the case. The questions she asked were almost verbatim what he said she would ask. He ran circles around the prosecutor. He likes to use helpful metaphors that jury members can relate to. In his closing argument he quoted Thomas Jefferson’s view of how important the job of the jury is, and how their decision is the only one that can make the difference for someone who is innocent. I received a “not guilty” and I truly feel that the judicial system worked as it should work. I was vindicated and it feels great. I would not hesitate to recommend Atty Bowser to anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer.


I had originally contacted and hired Attorny Bowser for a DUI in 2017, Mr. Bowser had made the process smooth as possible and got it from an aggrevated to a regular DUI. I Then had criminal charges out of Lowell District that was brought up to Middlesex Superior in Woburn. The way Attorny Bowser was able to go about this case which ended in a bench trial amazed me. Four felony charges found not guilty because of my amazing Attorney. I Would reccomend Attorney Bowser to anybody with any legal troubles at all, and I always reccomend to friends and family who they should call, if an Attorney is needed.

Great Lawyer

Mike is very responsive we all are BUSY but not too busy to get back to a client within same day! That’s something I believe is the key to real success! Mike helped get me deal I didn’t think existed in a DWI case and moreover I am struggling a bit financially and Mike has allowed me extra time to settle up my bill…and that is something rare as a business owner myself…”and I thought I was the only one who did this in business”!…THANKS MIKE – I will be happy to spread the GOOD word of a GREAT Lawyer!!!

Excellent Defense Attorney

I recently hired Attorney Bowser to be my defense attorney in an OUI case. Attorney Bowser did his due diligence! He was well prepared for my defense. He is a skilled attorney whose wealth of knowledge in OUI case law is tremendous. My outcome was favorable! The staff at his law firm were very pleasant and helpful also. I highly recommend Attorney Bowser!

OUI arrest

Attorney Bowser and his team of associates demonstrated a clear understanding of the law and were very professional throughout the legal process. I would highly recommend Attorney Bowser and his team. Attorney Bowser’s attention to detail along with his ability to articulate reasonable doubt with a jury, cross-examination of witnesses and jury selection was extremely impressive.
Attorney Bowser is hands down one of the best in the business.