Honest, Reliable and Fair

Attorney Bowser is extremely knowledgeable, honest and to the point of what can or will transpire with your case at hand. Even though my situation was totally my fault, he acted quickly and made it possible for me to feel secure of what the outcome would be. Thank you Attorney Bowser for all your help!
I would refer/recommend him to anyone.

Look no further!!!

I am a CDL driver and charged with an OUI. I heard of Attorney Bowser from several friends and GM of my company. I was amazed at Attorney Bowsers knowledge of the breathalyzer test and how it was defective and to all the procedural mistakes the officer made as well as the holes in his written story and the attention to the smallest detail was great. All I can say is if you want the best look no further!!

Highly Recommended – Cases Dismissed

Attorney Michael Bowser comes just as advertised. Success in criminal law defense requires a bit of boldness and reasonable confidence along with competence in the field, both of which are strong attributes displayed through-out the entire life-cycle of my case by Mr. Bowser.

I was facing my 3rd DUI along with a drug possession charge, and I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do. Obviously I needed help, and luckily I stumbled across this website and a positive referral for Mr. Bowser, which lead me to call and schedule a no obligation consultation.

During my consultation we went through the events that lead to my arrest, and Mr. Bowser paid close attention to every detail and took meticulous notes as to not miss anything. After I finished my depiction of the events the night of the arrest he laid out very clearly in understandable language what my options were and how he’d like to approach the case. In addition, Mr. Bowser made it very clear that no one would defend my case with as much passion and effectiveness as he would. He wasn’t kidding!

After hiring Mr. Bowser we attended numerous court hearings spread out across 3-5 months where motions were filed and other court preceedings took place. Along every step of the way I was never left in the dark about where we stood, and Bowser always assured me we were in a good place with the case. I should also mention that this entire time he was able to keep me from losing my license, which was a God send in itself.

Finally the day came where we would actually begin presenting the case to the judge. I was handed down a plea of 2 years probation and had to stay clean the entire time. I also had to attend an Intensive Outpatient Program and attend 4 AA/NA meetings a week. If I made it through the 2 years of probation without any issues then both cases would be dismissed.

Fast-forward 19 months without any slip-ups and Bowser filed a motion to terminate my probation early, which was allowed and both cases were dismissed on the spot. I couldn’t even believe it…I still can’t!

I highly recommend that you hire Mr. Bowser for your defense. I was facing jail time and a loss of license, but neither of these ever occurred, and in addition my record was wiped clean and both cases were dismissed as if they never happened. If you give Attorney Bowser the tools to work with then he will deliver!

If you are in trouble hire him now! Don’t wait, he is worth every penny of the cost for defense, and will fight for you more than any other defense attorney I’ve ever worked with in the past.


2020 3rd DUI Opinion

I was facing a 3rd DUI charge after 25 years since my last and I was very nervous about the new laws and what to expect. Attorney Bowser was outstanding from my first consultation through the trial he was a constant supporter. Simply stated, Mr. Bowser is the BEST! with out reservation. He was able to take me though every step and provided a detailed approach to my options and what he could provide guidance to. The net result of my charge was NOT GUILTY.

His ability to understand my situation and his deep and thorough knowledge of the MA laws is second to none. He was able to defend me and hold off the 4-5 police officers who testified against me resulting in a MA judge to say NOT GUILTY.

Attorney Bowser was nothing short of outstanding throughout this awful experience. I was proud to have him on my side and would strongly suggest anyone with a DUI retain him ASAP. he is the best in the business and he knows both the law and how to defend when one is wrongfully accused. I would recommend anyone facing an OUI charge to speak and retain Mr. Bowser. A very smart decision.


Mike explains everything from day one. What will happen how much it will cost. Showed up when he said he would made this whole process 100% easier if you’re in need of a oui attorney take the time to call. You will not be unsatisfied

Thank you Bowser Law

Attorney Michael Bowser superseded all my expectations not only as a lawyer but a complete professional. He took my DUI case and i truly felt not only did I have a amazing lawyer but a big brother defending me. It’s not always easy to find someone to completely trust in on any personal matters we go through in life. I found that person with Mike. His knowledge, heart he obtains with his craft is unmistakable. It wasn’t only about his knowledge in law but how his heart and how he conducted himself during every aspect of my case. I believe in myself but he made me feel he believed in me more. I’ll always believe and recommend his ability to make any matter fair and right. He’s that good. Thank you Bowser Law for your truly hard work and people I trust. D.D

Hands down one of the best in the business!

I am a New Hampshire resident and was arrested for a OUI in the state of Massachusetts. As I started asking around to friends, I was referred time and time again to Michael Bowser. I was feeling down, lost, and hopeless prior to setting up my free consultation. During this he explained all the possible outcomes, he also made me feel comfortable and confident that we had a good chance of beating my case in trial. After the free consultation, I knew that Michael was the person that I was going to hire due to his professionalism and extensive knowledge. Through the long process Val always texted me the day before to remind me we had court. Mike fought very hard for me through this process and was flexible with court dates to work around my busy schedule. As the trial concluded, we went jury waived and the judge came back with the verdict not guilty. I could not have hired a better attorney for my case. Thank you so much Mike, words can’t even describe the appreciation my family and I have for you.

Could not be happier with the outcome of my case.

Attorney Bowser provided exemplary legal services in my DUI case. He meticulously reviewed the officer’s report and dash cam videos and found a mistake in the officer’s processing that lead to a reversal of my Administrative License Suspension by the DMV. He then proactively negotiated a plea bargain with the prosecutor to just negligent driving prior to trial; $250 fine, no loss of license. My job requires me to drive a great deal. Attorney Bowser knew how impactful loss of my license for any time would be, He rolled up his sleeves and got the job done. I could not be happier with the outcome. Thanks Mike!

Hard worker

I found Michael Bowser by googling for DUI defense lawyers and his reviews were great for a reason! I went in for the free consultation and he already began working on the case. His office always called me before each court appearance and he was always there on time and ready to go. Worth every penny!

Excellent Top Notch DUI Defense Attorney

Mike was highly recommended to me by another lawyer who is a personal friend and I am so grateful for that. My first ever arrest was DUI in MA and I was totally devastated. I was concerned about losing my job and extremely worried about what penalties I may be facing. During my initial consultation with Mike, he detailed every step of the process for me, outlining every possible option at each stage. His expert knowledge of DUI related law, sobriety testing, arrest/booking processes, penalties and potential outcomes in court is truly remarkable. He is very caring and compassionate and genuinely wants to help you get the best possible outcome for your case. I knew immediately upon meeting him that I wanted him in my corner and am so thankful that I hired him. There were many court dates over a 10 month period before my case was finally heard by a judge. I watched in awe as Mike cross-examined the arresting officer with the utmost detail, clearly resulting in there being reasonable doubt. I cannot emphasize enough just how knowledgeable Mike is with DUI law. In addition, it was obvious to me during our court appearances that his mannerism and professionalism have resulted in him being held in high regard in the courtroom, not just with other defense attorneys, but also with prosecuting attorneys and judges. The judge came back with a “Not Guilty” verdict in my case. I will be eternally grateful to Mike for enabling me to put this stressful time of my life behind me. If you are in need of a DUI lawyer, look no further. Attorney Michael Bowser is definitely your guy….hands down. Thank you very much, Mike!