Above and beyond

Mr.Bowser and his colleagues have represented me in all unfortunate events due to my behaviors and dealing with two DUI’s at a young age, along with many other driving offenses that began back in 2012. The attention to detail, respect and results are amazing. He became a friend, a role model and mentor. I would also like to mention Kristen who represented me with the same attitude , respect and results. He was always on call and respond within hours on a first name basis. I owe Mr.Bowser and his team more than this review. He is a great man and I will never forget the things he did for me and the results in court. Due to his actions I have been able to live my life again. Don’t drink and drive, but if you do and get caught. Call him immediately and he will treat and represent you with confidence and the best possible results according to law. Thank you again for everything you have done for me Mr. Bowser!

Michael Bowser saved my son’s life!

No parent wants to get THAT phone call that your child has been arrested for drunk driving. I was frantic and desperate for help when a good friend recommended Attorney Bowser. He compassionately explained the charges, the options and guided our family thru the legal process. He and his team are THE BEST you could ever work with. Look no further and just contact his office. They always get back to you right away and treat your case as if you were a family member.

Amazing lawyer

I was arrested in NH for a dui the night of my birthday. I even had a blood test that came back over the legal limit and thanks to Mike Bowser I was just found not guilty. I couldn’t recommend him enough, everything was very easy, straight forward and he made it as stress free as it could have been. I didn’t even have to go to court for the first few hearings because of the motions he had filed so I didn’t miss any work. All in all thank you so much Mike your the best and I will be recommending you to everyone who has been unlucky enough to be In the same situation as me.

Kind and helpful. Fixed a problem In less than 2 weeks that we had been trying to fix for 5 years.

My suspension had been fixed in NH Over 5 years ago. I still had to reinstate in MA and had been trying to do so continuously for over 5 years. Phone calls, e-mails, and facing to no avail. At the end of my rope I saw the ad for Bowser Law online and decided to give it a try. After speaking to Mike Bowser he sent a letter on my behalf and had my problem fixed in a little over a week. I wish I had heard of him 5 years ago. I would highly reccommend him to anyone who is struggling to get licencing problems straightened out.

Great outcome!

I hired Mike during the consultation after just 10 minutes of hearing him explaining to me the situation and possible outcomes and what to expect from him. My main worry was my professional license and he fought all the way for that. And the results were aggravted DUI went down to reckless driving and also they won the ALS on my behalf.
He is a specialist and an expert in this area and everyone knows that, will make a difference while working with the police and the court in your case. I will not need his services again but anyone in a similar situation need to go to him.

Personal Injury

Attorney Bowser helped my family resolve a personal injury claim for my cousin after he died of an unrelated illness. He arranged for another lawyer to handle probate for us and paid for it out of his fee. He also negotiated a settlement in the case with the VA that ensured my cousin’s daughter received a settlement. All this was without cost to the family and he did so at a reduced fee as part of the agreement with the VA so that they would reduce their claim on the estate. He is very compassionate and patiently guided me through not only the settlement, but also the arrangements with Attorney Sean Keough in Rhode Island who expertly handled the probate matter. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone as someone who will find a way to look out for your interests to the bitter end. Our family is very grateful.

Excellent – really one of the best!

I’m an attorney, but not a criminal specialist. When facing a DWI, I interviewed 4 lawyers and picked Mike. He filed a motion to suppress the evidence being used to prosecute me, and that motion never made it to court. The quality of that motion combined with Mike’s reputation for success brought the prosecutor to the table to negotiate an excellent outcome. I pleaded guilty to a speeding ticket type of violation, with no criminal conviction and no DWI classes or record. It was the BEST possible outcome to what could have been a total disaster!

Not Guilty DWI

Over the summer of 2020, I was arrested for DWI in NH. I hired Attorney Bowser to represent me and fight the charge. I could not afford to be found guilty of a DWI. I work in law enforcement and a DWI would have had a profound negative impact to my career. The Officer wrote a solid DWI police report. The Officer articulated that he conducted a motor vehicle stop for multiple mark lane violations , detected an odor of alcohol emanating from me, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and that I failed all three field sobriety tests. Attorney Bowser was able to collect evidence and my medical records to build a strong defense. He was able to get a not guilty and full dismissal of the DWI, prior to a trial. I agreed to plead guilty to a civil motor vehicle violation of Reckless Driving. I lost my driver’s license for only 60 days because Attorney Bowser won my ALS hearing. At the ALS hearing Attorney Bowser was able to prove that the ALS paperwork was filed incorrectly, which saved a 6-month license suspension. Attorney Bowser and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend him and couldn’t have asked for a better outcome in my case.

Highly Recommend

Attorney Bowser was my first experience with any lawyer being needed in my life. I took finding a lawyer very seriously as I was facing a DWI charge for operating a boat. I had never in my wildest dreams thought I would end up in this situation in my life, and although it was a boat, it is the same as a car under NH law. Being a MA resident this made it harder to choose a lawyer suited for the case, but ultimately made Attorney Bowser the most efficient choice on paper as he is licensed in three states. Besides him being suitable to handle both NH and MA law, his knowledge and years of experience is what made him a perfect fit for the case. After my first consultation with him I was able to relax for the first time since the initial date of arrest. Ultimately, attorney Bowser laid out all the possible out comes of my situation, best and worst case, and he was able to get me the best possible outcome. Instead of having a permanent criminal charge or DWI/DUI on my record, my case ended up amounting to some fines and a careless and negligent boating charge. Attorney Bowser acted fast, communicated throughout the whole process, and gave me a chance to not live with a deeply regrettable moment in my young adult life.

The best in the business

I was charged with a DUI in NH and I live in Massachusetts. I was terrified, embarrassed and stuck on what to do next. I found Mike Boswer and a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. He is so smart and so skilled. He got my DUI charged dropped to reckless driving. Most importantly he treats you like you’ve known him your whole life. If you’re looking for the best attorney around… Mike Boswer is your guy!